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24+ Diamond Clarity Chart Templates

Make sure to buy a perfect and real diamond for you using a Diamond clarity chart. Anyone can see imperfections that a diamond has with the help of the different grades provided by the chart. There are pictures for every grade so that you can see with your own eyes how clear your diamond is with or without the presence of inclusions. These inclusions are what we call flaws in the diamond. The chart can be downloaded in Word, Excel or PDF format for you to use and measure the clarity of diamonds. Note that the blemishes in the diamond, the many it is, the clarity becomes lesser.

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> Diamond Color and Clarity Charts

If you’re a prospective buyer of diamonds, you want to assure that these are real ones. Some says that factor considering in selecting a good diamond is through their price. The higher the price it is, the clarity of diamond is also higher. Using a chart in Word, Excel or PDF format, it helps people to find out about diamond grades in four C’s guide namely Carat weight, Clarity, Color and Cut. [4+ Diamond Color and Clarity Chart Templates]

Diamond Color Scale and Clarity Charts

A diamond color scale and clarity chart is a useful tool for many people either you are a buyer or a seller. You can have a guide after downloading the format in Word, Excel or PDF then all you need is to examine every diamond stone you have. Based on its colors, from D is noted as colorless through Z as the light color. Finding out more about the clarity of diamonds are showed in this chart. [4+ Diamond Color Scale and Clarity Chart Templates]

Diamond Grades Clarity Charts

When you see a diamond you see it externally but how would you know if it is clear even internally? Anyone can rely on a diamond chart providing the basic and right details about diamonds. The clarity of a diamond is graded on the flawless it appears. You can have a baseline with the use of Diamond grades clarity chart that is ready to be downloaded in Word, Excel or PDF format. [5+ Diamond Grades Clarity Chart Templates]

Diamond Ring Clarity Charts

People cannot see things perfectly except for diamonds. These stones are made from perfection through brilliance and clarity. Looking for a diamond ring as a gift to yourself, lover or loved ones, a great guide tool for you is found online known as Diamond ring clarity chart. The chart is downloadable in Word, Excel or PDF format which assists you to grade the diamonds based on clarity and according to gemological institute of America. [3+ Diamond Ring Clarity Chart Templates]

Diamond Cut and Clarity Charts

Finding the right diamond and best for you is not difficult if you know well about diamonds. The cuts of each diamond enhance the brightness and shines it brings. There are lots of diamonds based on their cuts that make it different from other stones. The cuts of every diamond also has the measurement for the clarity and you need a tool Diamond cut and clarity chart in Word, Excel or PDF format to help you select your diamonds. [4+ Diamond Cut and Clarity Chart Templates]

I1-I2 Diamond Clarity Charts

The il and i2 diamond clarity are stands for imperfect clarity graded for diamonds. These two are actually seen in Gemological institute of America in grading the clarity of each diamond. Try to look at the diamond clarity chart online where you can download it in Word, Excel or PDF format. Having a great guide, can keep you deal with right pathway. [4+ I1-i2 Diamond Clarity Chart Templates]

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