5+ Morse Code Chart Templates – DOC, PDF, Excel

The Morse code is an effective and a secure manner of transmitting text information from a sender to an intended receiver. The Morse code chart resembles the set of on/off patterns in the form of tones, clicks or light signals which is attributed to each of the alphabet. Such charts are mostly designed in the form of a PSD image which is used as a key, and is shares with the intended received so as to decode the message sent.

morse code chart template

Morse Code Alphabet Chart

Mode code alphabet chart is nothing but a key used to decode the message sent using Morse code. These charts contain all the alphabets used in the message sent, and the corresponding signal associated with each alphabet. These code alphabet charts are mostly designed using PSD images and is used to decipher the message.

Sample Morse Code Alphabet Chart PDF Form

sample morse code alphabet chart pdf formt

International Morse Code Chart

The International Morse code is a more modified and a sophisticated form of text communication medium which contains Latin texts, punctuations, and Arabic numerals as well along with the alphabets. These code charts created in PSD images or password protected PDF are most used to transfer messages via telegraphy in a secure manner.

Free International Morse Code Chart PDF

free international morse code chart pdf

Morse Code Chart for Kids

In order to familiarize kids with Morse codes, these charts are prepared in attractive PDF formats with the alphabets and the related text signal. There are flash games as well which utters the sound on clicking on a specific alphabet. These code charts are specially designed for kids in PSD image format as well.

Morse Code Chart For Kids PDF Example

morse code chart for kidspdf example

Morse Code Translation Chart

In yesteryears when there were no telephony or any other means of private conversation, Morse code was used to transfer messages in a secure manner. The code translation chart would help the recipient of the message to decode as to the actual message depending upon the text signals linked with specific alphabets. These charts are either in PDF or PSD format.

Printable Morse Code Translation Work Sheet PDF Download

printable morse code translation work sheetpdf download

American Morse Code Chart

The American Morse chart was the predecessor of the International Morse code, which was mostly used in US for the electric telegraph. These charts contain English alphabets, numerals and a few punctuations which were all mapped to certain patterns of sound signals. These charts were mostly designed in PSD images format.

Sample American Morse Code Chart PDF

sample american morse code chart pdf

Morse Code Tree Chart

Morse code tree charts are deciding charts which are used by recipients to decode the message sent by the sender. These charts are mostly designed using PSD formats, and takes the form of a graphical chat where in users have to traverse accordingly based on the sound heard by the user.

Sample Morse Code tree Chart Template Word Format

sample morse code tree chart template word format