10+ Free MS Word Baby Weight Chart Template Download

Having a baby is a difficult, painful and a beautiful thing all rolled in one. Having children is one of the greatest joys of life and there is no greater happiness than parenthood. It is normal for parents to worry and fuss over their child’s health and growth. Proper diet and nutrition is necessary during infancy for children to grow up big and strong. Therefore it is recommended by doctors and other healthcare specialists the world over to keep a track of your baby’s growth for the first few months, an extra dose of caution nothing more. You may also see Baby Weight Chart

> Why a Baby Growth Chart is Necessary for New Parents?

A growth chart helps you to keep track if your child is growing properly over time, paediatricians recommend keeping track of your baby’s growth for the first few months to a year. There is no established height and weight pattern when it comes to growth of infants but there is a pattern that most babies stick to. Tracking the growth of your baby with the help of a growth chart will allow your paediatrician to determine whether your baby is growing properly or not. You may also see Baby Growth Chart Template

Baby Weight Chart by Month in Word Format

baby weight chart by month


baby weight charts

Baby Weight Chart During Pregnancy in Word File

baby weight chart during pregnancy


Word Baby Weight Chart by Week Free Download

baby weight chart by week


Baby Normal Weight Chart in Word Format Download

baby normal weight chart


Baby Weight Chart Girl Word Download

baby weight chart girl


MS Word Born Baby Weight Chart

born baby weight chart


Chinese Baby Weight Chart in Word Format Download

chinese baby weight chart


Infant Baby Weight Chart Word File

infant baby weight chart


Just Born Baby Weight Chart Word File

just born baby weight chart


One Month Baby Weight Chart Word File

one month baby weight chart


> Types of Baby Weight Charts

There exists many different kinds of baby weight charts available but all of them can be broadly classified under two categories, boys and girls. There are separate weight charts for boys and girls because boys on an average are slightly heavier and taller than girls. Use the perfect Chart Templates to measure the growth of your son or daughter.

> Benefits of a Baby Weight Chart

  • Keep a track of your baby’s growth.
  • Address any concerns relating to growth and development as soon as they crop up.
  • Helps doctors and paediatricians by giving them crucial information when required.
  • It is fun for the parents to see how much their child has grown.

> Creating a Baby Weight Chart

There are plenty of baby weight charts available on the market but if you want to give a personal touch then use this set of amazing templates that are free to download and are useable in MS Word.

> How to Create?

The templates are all easy to use and come with plenty of samples. They are available in MS Word format and are easily useable with Microsoft Word. The templates are designed by professionals and are popular for their limitless editing options as well as simplistic design and ease of use. These templates are some of the most downloaded templates on the internet. Just download the template of your choice and get down to work.

> Dos and Don’ts

There are no hard set rules for creating a baby weight chart but that does not mean that you will go overboard by trying to put in your personal touches. Pick a design and set to work. Keep it simple; do not use outrageous colours or themes. Choose a happy colour along with jolly fonts and it will surely be adorable for your child.

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