5+ Color Chart Templates Free Download MS Word 2010 Format

A color chart is also referred to as a color reference chart. It is basically a chart, often a piece of paper, which contains samples of colors for you to choose from. You must have seen a color chart if you were planning to have your house painted. How else will you know what color would look best? A color chart helps you get an idea of the various color options you have in front of you, so that you can make an informed decision. Most color charts will have the different color samples arranged in little square sections, so that you can easily choose from amongst them. You can also see Color Scheme Palette Template. Creating a color chart is one of the most complicated tasks, without a doubt. You have to divide the chart into subsections where you will insert the colors, decide what colors you want in your color chart and arrange them in the conventional format. For example, the colors cannot be scattered in the chart, there needs to be a pattern in the chart. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just download a Color Chart Template in word, which already has this pattern ready for you? So what are you waiting for? Try one out now!

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Free Download MS Word Conventional Screen Inks Color Chart Template

free download ms word conventional screen inks color chart template

CSS Color Code Chart MS Word Format Free Template

css color code chart ms word format free template
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Pantone Color Codes Free Download Word Format Template

pantone color codes free download word format template

UV Curable Screen Inks Color Chart Free MS Word Template

uv curable screen inks color chart free ms word template

Background Color Chart Free Download MS Word 2010 Format

background color chart free download ms word 2010 format
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MS Word 2010 Format Color Wheel Chart Template Free Download

ms word 2010 format color wheel chart template free download
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> Types of Color Charts

Essentially, there are actually two kind of color charts. They are-

  • Color selection charts– In this case, there is a vast palette of different available colors to help with the selection of what is known as spot colors, paints, crayons, process colors and so on. Colors or paints from different manufacturers are accumulated on the color selection chart and displayed. It helps in distinguishing the colors from one another so that specific combinations can be created.
  • Color reference charts– Color measurements and comparisons are carried out through color reference charts. It might so happen that you want a combination of colors on your wall. In that case, you can choose the combination you want from a Color Resource Chart. It helps in color management, and determining visually the hues of colors.

> Why Should You Use Color Chart Templates?

Now that you know about the different types of color charts, are you feeling confused as to how to proceed? Which color chart to choose? How to organize then colors? These are a few questions that must be doing the rounds in your mind. To get rid of such doubts and confusions, why don’t you just look up sample color chart templates? These have the pattern all ready to downloaded. If you do download color chart Free Templates in Word, you will be able to edit and customize the colors on the chart, and add your own combinations of you want. So, hit that download button now!

> How To Create Color Charts?

Downloading color chart templates are the best ways of creating color charts. So if you were to download them, these are few things you need to keep in mind-

  • First, you need to decide the purpose of the color chart. Do you want it to be used for selection purposes? Or do you want it to be a combination chart where you can create color combinations? Depending upon that, you can proceed with the selection.
  • Now, you need to decide the layout of the color chart. The bigger the color chart, the better it is. A broader chart will be able to display the colors in a neat fashion so that it is easier to differentiate the colors from one another.
  • Do not go for the first color chart MS Word template that catches your eye. Be careful and cautious while selecting the color chart.

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