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9+ Word Height Weight Chart Templates Free Download

The Height and weight charts are an easy way of assessing one’s growth and identifying whether the body mass index and the corresponding height are moving in a healthy manner or not. The Height and Weight chart template which is available In Ms Word makes the entire process all the more easier as the dimensions and the specifications to be filled are charted in a scientific manner. In medical field and personally too these charts hold great relevance and come handy. You may also see Height Weight Chart Template

> How Does a Height and Weight Chart on Word Comes Handy

A free downloadable Height and Weight chart which correspond to different sexes or different age groups help in ascertainment of the rate of growth and thus help in identification of any underlying medical issue. These charts in form of Word File are good for medical practitioners as they need it on a regular basis. The Height and Weight Chart are present in the word format by default and if the user needs specific ones they can be very easily downloaded. For further customization these charts can easily be edited to suit specific purposes. You may also see Baby Growth Chart Template

Height Weight Chart for Men in Word Format

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Height Weight Chart Children Word File

Height Weight Chart Boys in MS Word

Height Weight Chart Baby Word Format Download

Word Height Weight Chart in kgs

Army Height Weight Chart Template In Word File

Child Height Weight Chart IN Word Format Free Download

Female Height Weight Chart Template Word Doc

Infant Height Weight Chart Template In Word Format

Previews Under the Height and Weight Chart in Word

Word 2010 provides a plethora of options to choose from as far as Sample Height and Weight Charts are concerned. Apart from the available formats the easy to download options on Word also act as saviours of time and energy. The Height and Weight charts for Word generally pertain to the following categories:

  • Height and Weight Chart for Girls.
  • Height and Weight Chart for Boys.
  • Average Fetal Weight Chart.
  • International Standard Weight Chart.
  • Average Height and Weight Chart for Youth.
  • Body Mass Index Chart.
  • Age based Paediatric Growth reference charts.
  • Growth Charts for Weight, Height and Body Mass.

Getting Access to the Right Height and Weight Chart on Word

To get what you are looking for you need to follow a series of simple steps in Word. It happens many a times that our ignorance makes us incapable of taking benefits of the vivid features offered by Word. So it is important to adjudge what you want and then look for it on Word Doc. The sequel of steps which need to be followed are:

  • First you need to run Microsoft Word on your Computer and select the File option.
  • When you have successfully opened the file pop-up click on new.
  • When you select New Word Document you will get options of Templates, choose it.
  • The templates offer to you variety of options and one among them will be the Height and Weight Template.
  • If you are looking for something more specific for your needs, then search online and you will get many free download options.
  • Choose the right Height and weight Chart for yourself by clicking on the download option.

Contents That Make for an Effective Height and Weight Chart on Word

The incorporation of the right content in creation and editing of a height and weight chart in Word File makes or breaks the entire purpose. Though specific age group or gender charts will have certain aspects specific to them. Generally in Word the Growth Charts should incorporate:

  • Age and sex of the candidate being assessed.
  • Height which should be denoted in cms.
  • Then bifurcations for weight criteria’s, this includes Underweight, Borderline Weight, Healthy Weight,
  • Borderline Overweight and Obese.
  • Body Mass Index, which is calculated on basis of data stated above.

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Beautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

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