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There are different sections you are required to include on the resume you are working on for your job application. One of these sections is a branding statement at the start of your resume. This is where resume headline, which provides a summary of your work experience, achievements, and skills, should be located.

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The information on the resume headline is from the different sections of the resume and a skills section is one that is made with careful consideration. As provided on this website, there are ways you can follow when you make the skills section of your resume together with various resume examples with key skills section for your perusal.

1. Key Features of the Skills Section on a Resume

When you prepare a skills section on your resume, the following key features must be included as depicted in the sample generic resume templates and modern resume templates from this website:

  1. Acquired Skills – This pertains to the skills you have experience with from your past work experiences.
  2. Substantial Examples – To support the acquired skills, you must state examples for each of these skills in order to prove how well you are.

2. Resume Skills Categories

The following are the most common categories of skills written by various job applicants on the skills section of their resume:

  1. Hard Skills – These skills are learned easily by an individual and are measured in quantifiable terms. Examples under this category are mathematics, computer languages, and foreign languages.
  2. Soft Skills – Skills under this type comprise of immeasurable skills involving interaction between individuals. In relation to your interpersonal skills, these skills present how you are when you work with a team and how enthusiastic, and determined you are when it comes to working.
  3. Job Specific Skills – This information on the skills section is written in consideration of the requirements stated by the employer on the job description of the vacant job position posting.
  4. Transferable Skills – This category comprises of the skills that are common to all types of a job like planning, presentation, and teamwork.

3. Tips for Writing the Skills Section of a Resume

You may be wondering how to arrange the skills you want to include on your resume. With the help of the resume format templates on this website

  1. Enumerate the skills you have. Firstly, you should know the skills you know you have, including both the hard and soft skills. Look into printable resume templates for samples of the soft skills employers usually look for.
  2. Consider the required skills on the job description. Read and understand carefully the job description samples of the company’s job posting in order for you to provide the skills relevant to the position.
  3. Include the most relevant skills on your resume. Using the list and the job requirements, tailor your skills section based on the needs of the company. List down the skills relevant to the job.
  4. Position the skills section on your resume effectively. Depending on what the employer wants to focus on, put the skills section at an earlier position if the employer wants the skills highlighted or at the bottom if the employer focuses on your experience more.

Don’t jump the gun by sending in a sub-par document. You have to pay careful attention to details so you can get the job you’ve always wanted.

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