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You can never underestimate the power of a good resume format, especially if you are seeking employment. Your resume is your introduction to a potential employer that is why it important to make sure that you are able to establish a great first impression in your resume. How you present yourself in your resume can help capture the attention of a potential employer or else your resume will just become another file thrown in the trash.

In this article, you are going to learn the importance of a good resume, its key elements, and useful tips. We will also provide you with different resume templates for freshers and career-based. You can also from our modern resume templates which are provided as we go on deeper in this article.

Free Modern Resume Template

free modern resume template2
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Simple Modern Resume Template

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Modern Project Manager Resume

modern project manager resume
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Software Engineer Fresher Resume Template

software engineer fresher resume template
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Creative Resume Template

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Modern Resume Format Templates

Sample Modern Resume Format

Sample Modern Resume Format Download

Professional Modern Resume Templates

Modern Professional Resume Example

Modern Professional Resume Example Download

Modern Professional Resume Sample

Modern Professional Resume Sample Download

Modern Professional Resume Format

Modern Professional Resume Format Download

Modern Creative Resume Templates

Free Creative Resume Template in Word

free-creative-resume-template-in-word Download

Creative Resume Design Template

Creative Resume Design Template Download

Modern Design Resume Templates

Modern Graphic Design Resume Template

Modern Graphic Design Resume Template Download

Business Modern Resume Template


Resume and Its Importance

A resume is a form of document that is used by a job applicant to summarize his or her employment history, education, accomplishments and other relevant information to pique the interest of a potential employer. It is oftentimes accompanied by an employment application letter called cover letters. You can check the library of Sample Cover Letters from website for professional assistance.

Employers examine the information written in the resume to determine whether the applicant is qualified for a certain position. That is why a lot of applicants choose to customize their resumes, not only to spark interest in potential employers, but also to show them that they are highly qualified for the job. Never forget that a well-crafted resume can be your powerful tool demonstrate qualification and suitability for the position. You can either be remembered as someone who has an awful resume or stand out by having an excellent and professional resume that is perfectly crafted for the position you want to apply.

What We Offer

Most of the time, applicants waste a lot of time worrying what to write in their resume, rather than how it should be written. How well you layout your resume is key to increasing your chances of getting hired. In order for potential employers to immediately see your qualifications, you must write and lay out your sample resume according to the strength of your credentials and personal circumstances. This will give them an idea of what you can do for the company and how they can benefit from your services.

Surely, you do not want to bore your potential employer with lifeless simple resume. So why not consider the following collection of comprehensive and professional-looking Modern Resume Templates?

  1. Sample Modern Resume Format. This sample resume is a lot different from the regular resume. Instead of placing the applicant’s name and photo on the upper part of the document, make it look more unique and artistic by placing them on the left hand corner. The shade of blue used in the document is easy on the eye, too.
  2. Modern Executive Resume Format. This format is perfect for people who are seeking executive positions. Despite the simplicity of the document, the correct usage of bold blue lines makes the resume exude authority. The applicant also highlighted her name with blue, which in color psychology means trustworthiness. You can also see that the resume includes a “quote” that is in line with the position applied.
  3. Modern Professional Resume Example. The simplicity of this resume radiates professionalism. Despite the lack of colors, you can still make it look attractive by choosing an interesting typeface to highlight your name.
  4. Modern Professional Resume Format. If you opt for a one-page resume, make sure to tailor it like the example above. Its layout allows you to include all the important details about yourself without wasting any valuable space.
  5. Free Modern Resume Design Template. Whoever says that resumes can only be written in a white piece of paper is absolutely wrong. This cool definitely exhibits modernness. The black background helps highlight all your credentials in a very effective manner.
  6. Accountant Resume Sample in PDF. This sample resume is the perfect choice for accountants who want to focus more on their qualifications instead of the design. The effective use of layout allows the applicant to showcase a comprehensive information about themselves.
  7. Senior Executive Resume Example. Are you seeking for a senior executive position? Then let this resume sample help you earn that position! Although this format is plain and simple, you can exhibit your resume summary of qualifications and professional experience in a powerful and convincing way.

As an applicant, you always have the choice to go for visually appealing resumes or with those with simple and plain format. What matters most is that to lay out your qualifications in an organized manner. For additional options, take a look through our library of Free Resume Templates and download them for free.

Modern Accounting Resume Template

Accountant Resume in Word Format

Accountant Resume in Word Format Download

Accountant Resume Sample in PDF

Accountant Resume Sample PDFdayjob.com Download

Experienced Accounting Resume Template

Accounting Student Resume Templatemonash.edu Download

Modern Business Resume Template

Modern Business Analyst Resume

Modern Business Analyst Resumeresumagic.com Download

Modern Business Resume Format

Modern Business Resume Format Download

Modern Customer Service Resume Template

Customer Service Representative Resume Sample

Customer Service Representative Resume Sampleresume-resource.com Download

Retail Customer Service Resume Template

Retail Sustomer Service Resume Templatepcc.edu Download

Customer Service Manager Resume Template

Customer Service Manager Resume Templatecareerthinker.com Download

Modern Executive Resume Example

Executive Resume Sample

Executive Resume Sample Download

Senior Executive Resume Example

Senior Executive Resume Examplegreatresumesfast.com Download

Marketing Executive Resume Example

Marketing Executive Resume Examplemoney-zine.com Download

Modern Engineering Resume Template

Modern Software Engineer Resume Template

Modern Software Engineer Resume Templatedayjob.com Download

Entry Level Engineering Resume Template

Entry Level Engineering Resume Templateuidaho.edu Download

Electrical Engineering Resume Example

Electrical Engineering Resume Exampleengineeringresource.com Download

Modern Fresher Resume Format

Experienced Web Designer Resume Template

Web Designer Fresher Resume Templatecosmicresume.com Download

Experienced Accountant  Resume Template

Accountant Fresher Resume Templatesagu.edu Download

Different Formats of a Resume

Using the right resume format is critical in quickly attract the attention of a potential employer. When we say resume format, it means how the information are presented in a resume. Oftentimes, your resume has only about 8 seconds to capture the eye of an employer. If you cannot find what they are looking for, then expect that your resume will be added to the pile of those that do not interest them.

  • Chronological. Among the 3 types of resume format, the chronological format is what appeals the most to recruiters and employers, because it helps highlight your work chronology. This format is the perfect option for applicants who are looking to stay in the same line of work and level of employment. The chronological format is the best solution to resume problems, such as long period of unemployment and short-term job.
  • Functional. This type of format puts the spotlight on your skills and achievements, rather than your employment history. You can write down your skills and achievements under the skill headings while your employment background can be listed in a separate section at the bottom of the resume. This is the perfect platform to choose if you are making a big career change as your employment history is in no way pertinent to your job objective.
  • Combination. This resume format is perfect if you want to showcase both your employment background and relevant skills. With the combination format, you can write your employment history in the body, while the skill subheadings are placed under each job title. It is the best format option if you want to make a career change and feature your transferable skills or job titles that do not clearly describe the level of your responsibility.

Embarrassing format mistakes can greatly hurt your chances of getting hired for the position. Consider checking out the Sample One Page Resume Templates offered from our website. You will learn why you do not have to a few pages of resume to impress your employer. What matters most is that you know how to present your information using any of these resume formats.

Fundamental Elements of Good Resume

No matter if it is your first job resume or not, it is important to know that any resume should have 5 key elements. These elements will help make a resume that is guaranteed to stand out from the rest. You may also see Modern Business Resume Templates

  1. Engaging summary. This section should briefly and effectively summarize the points as to why you are qualified for the job. Your words should focus on you as a potential candidate and what you can do for the company. This is the feel-good section where you can showcase your soft skills.
  2. Core competencies. This is the section where you list down your experience, knowledge, and skills.
  3. Relevant experience. Rather than listing down your job duties and description, it is better to focus more on the accomplishments and contributions you made at your previous company.
  4. Education highlights. This is where you should list the institution, dates attended, and the degree you earned. If relevant, you can also include on-the-job training, continuing education, and professional development in this section. You may also check out Modern Sales Resume Templates.

Modern Graphic Design Resume Template

Graphic Designer Resume Sample

Graphic Designer Resume Sample Download

Modern IT Resume Template

Modern Resume Template for IT Professional

Modern Resume Template for IT Professional Download

Modern IT Resume Example

Modern IT Resume Example Download

Modern IT Resume Format

Modern IT Resume Format Download

Modern Marketing Resume Template

Modern Medical Assistant Resume

Modern Medical Assistant Resumedayjob.com Download

Experienced Medical Resume Format

Medical Resume Format for Fresherhealthforceontario.ca Download

Sample Medical School Admission Resume

Sample Medical School Admission Resumecareercenter.wustl.edu Download

Modern Nursing Resume Template

Sample Resume for Nurse with Experience

Sample Resume for Nurse with Experiencenursing.jhu.ed Download

Experienced Nurse Resume Template

Entry Level Nurse Resume Templatefairfield.edu Download

Nursing Resume Example

Nursing Resume Example Download

Modern Teacher Resume Template

Elementary School Teacher Resume Template

Elementary School Teacher Resume Template Download

Pre School Teacher Resume Template

Pre School Teacher Resume Templatecareercenter.depaul.edu Download

Resume Template for Teacher with Experience

Resume Template for Teacher with Experience Download

Modern Student Resume Template

Modern Resume for College Student

Modern Resume for College Student Download

Sample Resume Format for Engineering Student

sample-resume-format-for-engineering-studentwww.monash.edu Download

Sample Resume format for High School Student

Sample Resume format for High School Studentacademy.valverde.edu Download

Final Thoughts

One of the most important things to keep in mind when writing a resume is that it is not an autobiography. There is not need to write down information that is irrelevant to the position you want to apply. And because we understand that not everyone can write a professional resume, this is the reason why we are here to help you craft a resume that will boost your chances of getting hired. Why not consider to download from our collection of Resume Templates in Microsoft Word? You can easily customize this template according to your job objectives, qualifications, and employment history.

Lastly, do not ever attempt to impress your employer by including wrong or dishonest information on your resume. It is not worth to lose a job you have always wanted. Avoid messing up the dates, especially if you have been unemployed for a long time. Although this may seem to be a problems, just explain your reasons as honestly as you can to your potential employers. Always keep in mind that a resume can come a long way especially if you incorporate it with honesty. You may also check out Modern Engineering Resume Templates.

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