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19+ Message Template – Free Word, PDF Documents Download!

To send messages to your family, friends and even employees’ message template is a useful and simple way to let you save and send small snippets that can be delivered by a phone or email. These templates can help you to keep in touch with your important clients and relatives. These are a solution to make your work much easier. You can rely on our message templates that are of different types and are printable for use. Download from our variety of templates available in different formats such as PDF, PSD, MS Word and much more.

Phone Message Template

Phone messages are important in establishing a relationship whether it is in personal or professional life. Phone message template is a document that can be used by a person who wants to leave important message on phone and send it to anyone ranging from friends to colleague. You can choose from a variety of designs and formats such as MS Word, PDF, PSD, etc to suit your requirement.

Blank While You Were Out Phone Message PDF Format Download

blank while you were out phone message pdf format download

Text Message Template

Phone messages are important in establishing a relationship whether it is in personal or professional life. Phone message template is a document that can be used by a person who wants to leave important message on phone and send it to anyone ranging from friends to colleague. You can choose from a variety of designs and formats such as MS Word, PDF, PSD, etc to suit your requirement.

Two Chat Emoji Text Message Format

two chat emoji text message format

Message Pad Template

It’s difficult to keep track or remember each and every message which comes in for you or your reporting source – boss or manager. In which case, having a message pad always helps. You can use it to keep a record of all the received calls and messages every day. You can easily fetch a message template online, customize it according to your needs, take a print or two and begin using it for jotting down notes about the received calls and messages.

Printable Telephone Message Pad Template PDF Download

printable telephone message pad template pdf download

Voicemail Message Sample

Immediate communication is important whether it is with your family or with clients. However, in business a good voicemail message sample is crucial to entice customers. There are different types of voicemail greetings depending on the telephone system you have in your company. Choose from our variety of voicemail messages that comes in different formats such as PDF, PSD, MS Word, etc.

Professional Voicemail Message Examples Word Doc Download

professional voicemail message examples word doc download

Baby Shower Message

Nothing can be better if your well wishes can reach your friends and family on various auspicious occasions. Express your happiness with baby shower message and make the person feel loved. Select a pre designed template for your personal message from the variety of formats available like PDF, PSD, MS Word and many more.

20 Baby Shower Messages And Quotes Word Format Download

0 baby shower messages and quotes word format download

Sympathy Message

It is not easy to compose a condolence message as it is to compose a message on a happy occasion. Pre designed templates for sympathy messages can be of your help. Checkout from the wide range of formats available like PDF, PSD and MS Word and pick the one that best suits the situation.

Memorial Tree Gretting Sympathy Message Download

memorial tree gretting sympathy message download

Get Well Soon Message

Every feeling or expression can be elevated if accompanied with a sweet message. Make your friends and family feel cared for during their time of pain with get well soon message. Get yourself ready to select from millions of template available in various formats like PSD, PDF, MS Word and many more.

Get Well Soon Card Message Templte Word Format

get well soon card message templte word format

Farewell Message

Every feeling or expression can be elevated if accompanied with a sweet message. Make your friends and family feel cared for during their time of pain with get well soon message. Get yourself ready to select from millions of template available in various formats like PSD, PDF, MS Word and many more.

Sample Farewell Message for an Employee Leaving MS Word

sample farewell message for an employee leaving ms word

Happy New Year Message

Now it’s very easy to convey your wishes to your friends and relatives with Happy New Year message with the pre designed templates available. Make them feel loved and cared for with beautiful greetings and quotes. Find the perfect template for yourself from the millions of formats available like PSD, PDF, MS Word and many more.

Wording Phone New Year Messages for All Free Download

wording phone new year messages for all free download

Holiday Greetings Message

The most cheerful time of the year comes in the form of holidays and to make it more wonderful, here is the holiday greeting message. Be it on Christmas or New Year, these greeting messages fill up your loved ones life with blessings and joy, as it’s never too late to remember special ones on celebrations and occasions. You will get these templates in variety of formats like PDF, PSD or MS Word.

Different Small Business Holiday Card Messages Download

different small business holiday card messages download

Valentine Message

Looking for ways to express love to your partner. Here comes the most wonderful and heart- warming way in the form of valentine messages, which not only connects the heart and soul but makes your partner’s day really special. Send these affectionate messages on a day when words fall short and see how it lightens your day. Brighten your day with templates as per your chosen format as those are available in PDF, PSD, MS words and many other formats.

Romantic Valentines Day Love Message Download

romantic valentines day love message download

Welcome Message

Home is a place to love and to live and this place becomes more lovable when wonderful guests are welcomed to join in. Welcome Message is the most cordial and hospitable way to invite guests into your house creating memories together. These messages can be sent to invite guests, friends, relative and anyone you want to welcome in your life and place. Grab the template in format as per your choice as those are found to be in PSD, PDF or MS Word format.

Sample Welcome Message to Students Word Doc Editable

sample welcome message to students word doc editable

Condolence Messages

In the time of grief, we often want to offer comfort and shower warmth to our loved ones but find ourselves lacking in the process of being able to do so. Condolence Messages are a way to express our sadness and prayers for the bereaved. These messages help to spread our heartfelt condolence and reminding them of our presence in their tough times. You would be glad to know that these templates are available in variety of formats like PSD, PDF or MS Word.

Short Condolence Messages for the Losses Download

short condolence messages for the losses download

Birthday Messages

The most awaited and exciting day of the year is none other than birthdays and to make them more special, a birthday message can be written for your loved ones, expressing your enthusiasm on their special day. Be it for your parents, friends or siblings, it takes just a heart-warming message to begin their day with and start off in a cheerful way. Whether you want the templates in MS Word, PSD or PDF format, you can avail any of those now.

Birthday Message Wishes to Your Girl Friend

birthday message wishes to your girl friend

Thank You Messages

It’s never too late to express your affection and make your loved ones know that you recognize their efforts to make your time special. Thank you Messages are a wonderful way to let them know how much grateful you are for their presence in your life and the happiness they bring just by helping you or being with you when you need them the most. You are lucky to get an opportunity to choose the formats of the templates as per your choice as you can get those in MS Word, PSD or PDF formats.

Thank You Messages For Your True Best Friends

thank you messages for your true best friends

Funny Messages

To bring a smile on a depressed face or to instantly cheer up your friends and family, everything else may fail but a funny message guarantees laughter without any delay. These messages can be framed in good humor or can even be borrowed through sites, helping you to hear echoes of laughter where a smile seemed impossible. Grab the template in diverse formats like PDF, PSD or MS Word.

Love Messages

Want to show your love and care but have a shortage of time? Want to express your concern but are unable to do so? Do it through these love messages by expressing directly what you feel for your loved ones, be it your parents, partner or friends. These messages are much needed and deeply appreciated by all. You will be amazed to know that you can bag the format of the template as per your choice. Those are found in PDF, PSD or MS Word format.

Good Morning Love Messages To Girl Friend or Boy Friend

good morning love messages to girl friend or boy friend

Block Text Messages

Life is too busy to indulge in unwanted calls and irritating messages. BLOCK TERST MESSAGE helps to ignore those texts which you do not wish to reply or waste your time on. By simply blocking the numbers offering services and information you do not wish to receive, helps you to escape harassment and spamming. Here comes the unique opportunity to choose the format of the template just the way you want it to be. Those are found in MS Word, PDF or PSD formats.

How To Block Text Messages On Android

how to block text messages on android

Love Messages for Him

Thinking of ways to express love and romance for him? The best way is to write love message for him, melting his heart for you and uniting both in a burning flame of reunion. These text messages will surely make your loved ones tickle and bring back the wild fire in your relation. You will be able to select the formats of the templates as per your choice as those are found in PDF, PSD or MS Word formats.

Download Romantic Love Messages for Him

download romantic love messages for him

Free Text Message

Free text messages are very common these days and we most often receive it from unknown and companies that have no significance in reality. They often come in the form stating rewards and big bumper prizes for customers. However, the best way is to not react and ignore them, without paying any heed. Now get the kind of format which you consider is appropriate for you as those are found in various formats like PDF, PSD or MS Word.

Death Threat Text Horizontal Large Message

death threat text horizontal large message

Thanksgiving Message

Thanksgiving message is a wonderful way to express gratitude towards people you truly cherish. A message like this expresses your happiness for the presence of certain people in your life and is more treasured than any festivity or occasion can. It reminds us of the great memories and celebrations along with all the pleasurable time spent together. You will also get the opportunity to select your template as per your choice of format as you can find them in variety of formats like PDF, PSD or MS Word.

Greatest Thanksgiving Messages to Friends Download

greatest thanksgiving messages to friends download

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