5+ Free Download Pareto Chart Templates in Microsoft Word

Analyzing data in MS word using Pareto charts is one of the best techniques to represent any potential cause in the data. It gives very professional representation of the data, making it easier to understand and identify problems. Understanding variations and problems in numbers is really tough task; Pareto charts make it easy and help you to identify the source of the causes of any potential impact. As per the Pareto principle, nearly 80% of the effects incur from the 20% of the problems. Pareto charts help you to find out the problems which require attention immediately from a large set of facts or data. Pareto Chart Templates gives measureable results and list down the problems in a well organized manner. Hence considering Pareto charts to find out the areas of improvement is the brilliant solution for your work. Pareto charts contain columns and a line to represent the data and the percentage respectively. Columns are set in the descending orders and line is drawn to represent the percentage. The commutative total is clearly represented by the line drawn on the bars showing the affected area in the chart. You can also see Rental Application Templates.

pareto chart

Pareto Chart Template in Word Document Free Download

pareto chart template in word document free download

Final Report Pareto Chart Word Document Download

final report pareto chart word document download

Statistics Data Plan Unit of Pareto Chart Word Document

statistics data plan unit of pareto chart word document

Basic Patero Chart Diagram in Word Document

basic patero chart diagram in word document

These Pareto charts are available in editable form, you can change the color of the bar or line in your word document easily to make it more suitable for your official work. Pareto charts are easy to download; you can simply download or choose for the existing available charts in MS word. If you download Pareto charts, you will then need to open them in Microsoft Word or any other compatible application to change it according to your data. You can then select it with the mouse cursor and edit the color if required. Pareto charts also allow you to insert numbers or facts on the columns or line pointer to be more specific in your analysis. The easy and effective use of Pareto charts eliminate a lot of brain work that you may require to do when making your presentation in MS word.

> Do’s and don’t:

There are few things that you need to keep in mind when using Pareto charts:

  • Understand your data and the area where you need to show your focus on, and make your selection accordingly.
  • Be careful to choose the color of line and bars to showcase the right analysis.
  • Try using light and dull colors which make it look more professional.

> Variety of Pareto Charts for Wide Range of Users

There are many Pareto charts available for the user to choose, you can choose the one which suites and expresses your data efficiently. There are 3D charts available in Templates in MS Word to represent your data more precisely. Apart from 3D charts, you can choose, line, bars, surface, area, pie, stock charts and many more. Pareto charts serve a variety of users to use for different purposes, such as call center data analysts, stock related representations, Area, surface and radar related analysis work.