40+ Free Wedding Templates in Microsoft Word Format Download

A wedding is a beautiful social event brought together by two people who are in love and have decided to spend the rest of their lives together? But just what makes a wedding tick? Here in this article we have gone through some of the aspects which play a role in pulling off the dream wedding all of us want. There are so many things that can go wrong on your special day that it is impossible to stop them all. Best we can hope is that this short write-up will lessen the burden you face. You may also see Wedding Templates.

Elegant Marriage Certificate Photoshop Template

elegant-marriage-certificate-photoshop-template Download

Marriage Invitation InDesign Template

marriage-invitation-indesign-template Download

Wedding Flyer PSD Template

wedding-flyer-psd-template Download

Simple Wedding Invitation Illustrator Template

simple-wedding-invitation-illustrator-template Download

Wedding Photography Bi Fold Brochure Template

wedding-photography-bi-fold-brochure-template Download

Wedding Reception Invitation Template in PSD

wedding-reception-invitation-template-in-psd Download

Fall Wedding Menu Card Photoshop Template

fall-wedding-menu-card-photoshop-template Download

Beach Wedding Seating Chart InDesign Template

beach-wedding-seating-chart-indesign-template Download

Floral Wedding Program Card Illustrator Template

floral-wedding-program-card-illustrator-template Download

PSD Wedding Menu Template

psd-wedding-menu-template Download

Floral Wedding Address Labels Card Word Template

floral-wedding-address-labels-card-word-template Download

Wedding Schedule Excel Template

wedding-schedule-excel-template Download

Wedding Planner Email Signature Template in HTMLwedding-planner-email-signature-template-in-html


Wedding Planner Contract Template in iPages

wedding-planner-contract-template-in-ipages Download

Simple Wedding Checklist Template in Google Docs

simple-wedding-checklist-template-in-google-docs Download

Wedding Photography Flyer Template in Photoshop



Free Beach Wedding Invitation Template


Free Blank Wedding Invitation Template


Free Wedding Dinner Party Invitation Template


Free Wedding Party Invitation Template


Free Wedding Thank You Invitation Template


Free Elegant Overlay Wedding Invitation Template


 Wedding Dinner Invitation Template


Wedding Photographer Brochure Template in Word Format

wedding photographer brochure template


Wedding Program Template Word FIle

wedding program template1


Elegant Wedding Invitation MS Word

elegant wedding invitations


Free Wedding Programme Template in Word Format

free wedding programme template


Wedding Store & Supplies Brochure Template

wedding store supplies brochure template


Wedding Libs RSVP Template Word File

wedding libs rsvp template


MS Word Wedding & Event Planning Brochure Template

wedding event planning brochure template


DIY Printable Wedding Invitation Word File

diy printable wedding invitation


Wedding Planner Flyer Template Word Format Free Download

wedding planner flyer template1


Printable Wedding Menu Template in Word

printable wedding menu template


Wedding Store & Supplies Flyer Template in Microsoft Word Format

wedding store supplies flyer template


Microsoft Word Wedding Escort Card Template Free Download

wedding escort card template


Wedding & Event Planning Flyer Template Word File

wedding event planning flyer template


Wedding Planner Newsletter Template in Word Format Download

wedding planner newsletter template


Wedding Planner Postcard Template in MS Word

wedding planner postcard template


Wedding Planner Business Card & Letterhead Template Word Format

wedding planner business card letterhead template


Word Format Black & White Wedding Programs

black white wedding programs


> Inviting Options for Invitation Cards:

The Wedding Invitation Card is YOUR way of announcing to the world that you are marrying your bellowed. So it must be perfect in every aspect. The things one look for in a wedding card is elegance, simplicity, cost effective and eye-catching. Well, instead of brainstorming different ways to come up with an independent idea why not try one of the word files available online for Free download for use in Microsoft Word. There are a large number of templates online, for word which offers designs ranging from floral patterns, calligraphy patterns, bird patterns and probably the most popular one, Heart shaped patterns sample each of these and see which fits the best. Microsoft Word 2010 has an option to include such word file templates where the users need to just input their personal details and print them out. One has to be careful of the various types of fonts that mingle with each other on the card; the fonts must be complimentary or contrasting to each other to bring out the beauty of the occasion you are inviting your loved ones to. In Ms Word there is such a large number of fonts and typefaces to choose from that we are confident all your needs will be suited. In word there are a large number of Word Formats that have to be taken into account as well, so we thought to mention it here.

Placing Eggs in Different Baskets for Place Cards:

Place cards are the other aspect of your wedding which is reliant on Microsoft Word. The small cards on the table, placed such that it shows that a seat is reserved for that specific person whose name it bears is called a place card. Like invitation cards there a large variety of Free Downloadable templates and free fonts available. We recommend you experiment with these to get the suited result.

You can:

  • Use an elegant calligraphic font for the immediate members of the wedding party.
  • Use a natural yet smooth font for all other guests.
  • Use a balloon or similar childish font for the children’s table.

Handing The Reins to a Pro:

For a wedding to be a smashing hit it must have a perfect balance between what the groom wants and what the bride wants. So to find that sweet middle spot we suggest to hire a wedding planner. A wedding planner will act as an impartial judge and using his professional expertise and experience might as well be the keystone of turning your wedding into the magical evening you’ve always dreamed of possessing.

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