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Flyers are a form of paper advertisement tools which are distributed in public places or sent through mails or e-mails to a large group of audience. We specialize in Event Flyer Templates which are available for free download. These templates can be customized, and the user can design Event Flyers as per his/her requirement, preference, and creative style. These sample templates in Word format can greatly help you create your personalized event flyer as these contain useful layout guidelines, like bleed lines, cut lines and safe areas. Our Checklist Templates created in Microsoft Word look extremely professional and are easy to print.

Party Event Flyer Template


Conference Event Flyer Template


Sports Event Flyer Template


Concert Flyer Template


Event Night Flyer Template


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Printable Event Planning Flyer Template

printable-event-planning-flyer-template Buy Now

Vintage Photography Event Flyer Template in Word

vintage-photography-event-flyer-template-in-word Buy Now

Charity Event Flyer Template

charity-event-flyer-template-in-indesign Buy Now

Pastor Anniversary Event Flyer Template

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Simple BBQ Event Flyer Template

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Jazz Event Flyer Template to Edit

jazz-event-flyer-template-to-edit Buy Now

Basketball Event Flyer Template in DOC

basketball-event-flyer-template-in-psd Buy Now

Golf Club Event Flyer Template

golf-club-event-flyer-template Buy Now

Pop Concert Event Flyer Template

pop-concert-event-flyer-template Buy Now

St. Patrick’s Day Event Flyer Template

st-patricks-day-event-flyer-template Buy Now

Free Event Flyer Template


Free Christmas Event Flyer Template


Free Christmas Event Party Flyer Template


Free Merry Christmas Event Flyer Template


Simple Winter Events Flyer Template



Free Marketing Event Flyer Template


Free DJ Event Flyer Template


Free Business Event Flyer Template


Free Summer Food Event Flyer Template


Free Event Photography Flyer Template


Free Open House Event Flyer Template


Free Music Event Flyer Template


Free Open House Viewing Event Flyer Template


Film Festival Event Flyer Template in word Format Download

film festival event flyer template


Bold Event Flyer Template in Word Format

event flyer bold


Word Wedding Planner Flyer Template Download

wedding planner flyer template


Orange Event Flyer Template Word Doc

orange event flyer template word doc


Symphony Orchestra Concert Event Flyer Template word File

symphony orchestra concert event flyer template


Word Green Event Flyer Template Download

word green event flyer template download


Live Music Festival Event Flyer Template in Microsoft Word

live music festival event flyer template


Charity Golf Event Flyer in Word Format

charity golf event flyer


Corporate Event Planner & Caterer Flyer word Doc

corporate event planner caterer flyer


Jazz Music Event Flyer Template Word Format

jazz music event flyer


Culinary Event Flyer Template Word Doc

culinary event flyer template


Purpose of Using Word Doc Event Flyer Templates

Download and use our Event Flyer Templates available in Word 2010 if you want to communicate compact information to a large audience.

  • To encourage huge participation in competitions.
  • To inform about community event, distribute at crowded public places.
  • To spread news about a cause or issue and find volunteers or donors.
  • To move inventory by promoting.
  • To spread the word about Trade shows and conferences to increase attendance.
  • To promote a music concert, party or match.
  • To inform customers about discounts and offers and store location.

> Different Flyer Templates on Word for Different Events

  • Colloquium: an academic networking event
  • Workshops: for learning through interaction and participation.
  • Seminars: expert speaking on various topics.
  • Consumer Shows: to learn about the latest products
  • Conventions:  large number of people, with common interests, attends to learn about advancements or trends in their field of interest.
  • Trade Shows for companies to exhibit their latest products.
  • Exhibitions:  a trade show which focuses on B2B businesses.
  • Social Events like anniversaries, weddings, birthdays.
  • Party:  social gathering to celebrate an occasion.
  • Fundraisers: organized for raising money for a cause.
  • Political Events: organized to raise awareness. You may also see Event Flyer Design Templates

Why Our Downloadable Templates in MS Word are The Best?

Our free Word Flyer Templates have a creative edge the others, grabs the audience’s attention and conveys the message effectively.

  • Our graphics pops as these have adequate contrast and saturation. The graphics are also chosen depending upon the audience.
  • We use simple, bold fonts on Word document templates that are easily readable.  Our fonts do not get distorted even after being copied numerous times.
  • Our Event Flyer Templates in Word file are visible even from a distance. The headlines, which are the first thing audiences set their eyes on, can be read from far.

Things to Avoid While Creating Event Flyer Templates in Word

  • Avoid Excess: instead of using texts and graphics to fill up the entire flyer, leave whitespace around headlines and images to highlight them better.
  • Avoid Passive Closing: instead, stimulate action and close the deal by giving an offer like- Buy before month end, and get 10% off.
  • Avoid Very Dark Paper: brightly colored paper can be used as long as it is not dark enough to make reading the print a difficult task.

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