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Wish to know about your ancestors or have a beautiful idea to get your genealogy framed in your drawing room and amaze your visitors here are few Best Genogram Templates listed for you. Tracing one’s family history template is a very interesting task but this becomes a taxing one if you try to make it without a Genogram template. A Genogram template is scientific way of learning about your family members’ right from their roots to tips. Your wish to have your own Genogram can be easily fulfilled through the templates mentioned here.

Genogram Template Doodle Style

This kind of Genogram template is very attractive and artistic since it has picture wise description of the post of the person in the family. Starting from the great grandfather & mother of the family to the smallest kid in the family is featured by a doodle picture which also gives the template a contemporary look.

Sample Genogram Template Word Format

One of the Best Genogram Templates format and the easy to edit one is the one mentioned under this category. It is available in word format which you can just download edit and print or you can simply get it printed and complete with your own hand writing to give it a more intimate look to your walls where it is to be put up framed.

Family Tree for Kids

Here is a template format of genealogy which is suitable for your kids to design by themselves and have the feeling of belongingness and unity among the family. This template features a cartoon tree face which makes it look more childlike and close to them. It has boxes set to easily enter the name of the members. FamilyTreeTemplates.net

Printable Family Genogram Template

Father, grand-father, great grand-father, and great great grand-father all can be mapped by using this printable family genogram template. Family of both mother and father side can be mapped separately. Irish-Genealogy-Toolkit.com

3 Generations Family Genogram Template Word Download

Start with you at the bottom and move up to father / mother, grand-father / grand-mother, by using this 3 generations family genogram template which can be downloaded in word format.

4 Generations Genogram Free Download

This 4 generation sample genogram template would be an attractive way to represent your family relationships on paper. You could use this template for a class project, or for personal purposes as well.

5 Generation Family Genogram Template Word

The Best Genogram Template is here which presents you the scope to include names of ancestors and successors till 5th generation in the family. This is a very lengthy template which gives you the opportunity to know your forefathers till five generations and find your actual ancestry. Available in words makes it easier to edit and print.

Family History Genogram Diagram

This genogram format would be an attractive way to demonstrate how each member of your family is related.  The lavender colour adds a special touch. You can start with the eldest at the bottom, and continue to more recent generations as you move to the top.

Five Generation Genogram Template for Word

ObituariesHelp.org | This five generation family tree template would be perfect for formal or official documentation. All you require is a thorough knowledge of your family history, backed by research, and you can start filling in the blanks.

Free Family Tree Template Download

This five generation family tree template would be perfect for formal or official documentation. All you require is a thorough knowledge of your family history, backed by research, and you can start filling in the blanks.

Free Genogram Template Word Document Download

aafp.org | This genogram template comes with a key, like that in a map. It contains all the symbols like gender, deceased or alive, marital status, children etc that would help you while analysing your family hereditary patterns. If you've been wondering how to make genogram in word, this is your answer.

Family Tree Genogram Symbols Template

With the help of this genogram example, you can start from the very bottom with yourself, and work your way up to your great grandparents. It also allows you to mention if a person is deceased and symbols are used to denote one's marital status.

Genogram Template Builder / Generator

This template would be perfect as a 3 generation genogram template. A genogram key has been provided, if this is your first attempt at creating a Genogram. You could also include the names and contact details at the bottom.

Family Tree Template Free

This blank genogram to fill in would be perfect if you're creating a family tree that will be preserved in the family book. It is neat, and thus avoids any chances of confusion. You can customize the genogram template any way you want.

Blank Genogram Template Free Download

Irish-Genealogy-Toolkit.com | This blank genogram template, with an attractive and striking background, would be perfect as a career genogram template. If you have been able to gather sufficient information through thorough research, then you could opt for this template.

Free Family Tree Template

This genogram format would be perfect if you've been trying to trace the last three generations of your family. This adoption family chart is something you can refer to if you want to represent the various relationships within your family.

Child Movement Genograms Template Printable

Adopting a child or even fostering can be a tricky business if you fail to maintain official child movement records. If you've been looking for an easy way to do the same, then you could download this template. With the help of simple diagrams, you can now keep track.

Anna Marias Heritage Genograms Template Download

Families are usually large, and complicated. A genogram template with different colours to denote different origins and lines to denote their individual marital status would indeed make it easier for you to keep track.

Joint Family Genogram Template Using GenoPro

If you're part of a joint family, you could put your family to paper with the help of this template. You could start with your paternal and maternal grandparents, and gradually move down to newer generations, that is you and your siblings.

Agela Smiths Genogram Template Free Printable

This free template would be a great way to kick start your Genogram. The symbols can help you understand the lives of those in the Genogram better, and that will help you identify patterns. Once you download it, you can fill in your details.

Printable Family genogram Template Example

Standard Symnbols for Genograms Template

Genogram Disease Template PDF Format Download

This is a very unique template format of Genogram that can lend a hand to you in recognizing and considering the ancestry of various diseases prevailing in your family since ages. This template contains large sized boxes where you can with no trouble write about their medical history of one or two sentences.

Woods Genograms Template Free Printable

Einstein Genogram Example Template Dowload

Download ODonnell Genogram Template Example for Free

Editable Basic Genogram Template PDF Download

Standard Symbols for Genograms Family Template Download

Pedigree Chart Genogram Template PDF Free Printable

Genogram Template of Scenario PDF Download

basic genogram templates can prove to of amazing benefits in certain cases, for instance, a cousin brother living in a far off land where you need to seek shelter for a couple of days, with no resources at your disposal! You will find tracing the genealogy of your family tree builder a fulfilling exercise to undertake when you have these top notch premium and free genogram generator by your side.

Also, sample genogram Symbol templates let you cover many levels of your family tree, providing you ample space for entering the name and title of each family member. Feel free to add supplementary details to the family tree art templates and embrace the best way to maintain the cleanest genealogy document for your family.

Uses of a Genogram

A family psychotherapist depends a lot on a Genogram as an instrument to understand the family relations of their clients. It gives a general idea of the family tree to both the psychoanalyst and the client and get an assistance to deal with the existing problems in the family. Flowing with the chart various issues like medical, social and other relations in the family becomes clearly visible to the therapist and the client. Genogram generally depict the integration picture of relations, communications and other matters prevailing in the family. In various fields like medicines, psychiatry, social work, research work and generic history, these Genogram have proven results with 100% success rates.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind While Making Genograms

Creating a genogram, especially an accurate one, is not as easy as it seems. You could keep these tips in mind while making a genogram.

  • You cannot have a genogram without a sound knowledge of the dates. You need to get a timeline of your family, starting from the very beginning. It will help you organize your events, which in turn will help you identify different patterns.
  • Be organized while going through your family history. A haphazard way of working never helped anyone.
  • Decide how many generations you need in the genogram.
  • It doesn’t have to be monotonous, make it fun and informal.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Make a list of questions which you need to ask your relatives and yourself.
  • Write down all that you already know.
  • Go through family documents and books.


  • Don’t mix up your genogram symbols
  • Do not ignore gender values and beliefs in your family.

We Are Here to Help

While looking for a free online genogram maker, you can resort to template.net. We have a vast collection of attractive and efficient templates at your disposal that can help you with your family Genogram.

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