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Payroll management can be a very time consuming affair, and if you’ve had the pressure of getting through a month’s pay slip generations’ task, you’d know how difficult life can be without a good format. More importantly, you need a proper pay slip stub template that you can rely on in order to quickly generate pay slips for different employees. With some of the best pay check stub templates coming to you from the world of premium and free utility templates, you can put your mind at ease.

 Clickable / Shareable Pay Stub Templates for You to Use

A pay stub is actually known by a lot of different names, like pay check, or payslip, pay advice and even pay check stub. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most handy and efficient, not to mention important, pieces of document in the corporate world. Managing the payroll of your employees can be tricky, time consuming and extremely complicated. What can complicate it further is if you do not know how to proceed with a pay stub, which has a more or less fixed format that is accepted throughout the world. Having a pay stub template handy will allow you to perform your functions with ease, and in a shorter span of time.

Salary Slip Pay Stub Template

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  • Microsoft Excel


Simple Pay Stub Template

File Format
  • Microsoft Word
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Free Download

Basic Pay Stub Template

File Format
  • Microsoft Word
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Corporate Business Pay Stub Template

File Format
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  • Microsoft Excel


Earning Statement Pay Stub Template

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  • Microsoft Excel

Free Download


Canadian Check Pay Stub Template

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Hourly Wage Pay Stub Template

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How to Choose the Right Pay Stub Template?

If you’ve been looking for a good, well designed check stub template, chances are, you’ve been disappointed; there are hundreds of different kinds of formats available and that can send your head spinning. Your pay slip template needs to be neat, it cannot have information cluttered all over the page. While dealing with finances, you cannot afford to be clumsy. A good payroll check template will allow you to convey the information to your employee, such that any confusions can be avoided. However, how you want your pay stub to look is entirely up to you – do you want it in colour? Or do you want to stick with the conventional black and white pay cheques? After you’ve answered these questions, you can proceed to the next step, which is the actual selection.

Different Types of Pay Stubs

If you have been doing this a while, you will know that a pay stub can be of different kinds. And each, has a distinct purpose. However, the basic purpose of each of the type of pay stub remains the same – a document handed out by the employer to the employee as payment for his services. Some of the types are –

1) Electronic Paychecks

Gone are the days when an employee was actually paid for his services through a check. Now, most companies around the world prefer to pay their employees through electronic means, by using a wire transfer system. No physical cheque is used in this process, thus saving the company time and money. It also avoids risks of fraud. Now the term pay cheque is figurative, and is used to refer to a pay stub or a pay slip.

2) Payroll Cards

Now it might so happen that one of your employees do not have a bank account. In that case, what you can do is transfer his or her pay to a special payroll card. It is actually a lot similar to a debit card. Once you do so, your employee will be able to access his or her salary through this payroll card. This card can even be used at automated teller machines for withdrawing cash. This is a modern take on the traditional concept of pay stub. It is in many ways convenient for both the company and the employee.

3) Payroll Warrants

A warrant of payment or a payroll warrant looks a lot like a cheque, which is why it is commonly called pay checks. But that is the unofficial term for it, since there is no question of a checking account in this case. You can even send / emai pay stub to your employees with this.

Sample Payroll Calculator Example

If you're looking for a good excel pay stub template which is easy to edit, you can try this one. It consists of all sorts of essential information, like employee ID, the name of the employees, the number of hours worked by them, vacation hours, sick hours and overtime hours.

Payroll calculator with pay stubs

You can create a payroll calculator, which is efficient and useful, with the help of this free pay stub creator. You can insert details like name of the employee, and his payment calculations, deductions, taxes etc on the pay stub.

Create Employee Paystub Template Free Online

This pay stub template is printable, al you have to do is click the download option. All the blanks have already been created for you. You can just fill them in with details about your employee and his payment and print it.

Editable Free Pay Check Stub Template PDF Format

cloudfront.net | This organized and well designed pay stub sample is available in a PDF format, which you can download and edit as you please. There are separate columns for each, which allows you to arrange your information in a neat manner.

PayRoll Payslip Template

This is a payslip template that has fields for name, address, social security number and other details per employee in addition to the fields for tax details. Keeping a track of payment for each employee has never been simpler and more organized.

Pay Stub Template

Get your very own customizable pay stub with space for your own logo and company details along with fields for employee information. Keep the account books up-to-date with the help of these printable forms.

Sample Corporate Pay Stub Premium Download

This free check stub template would be a great way to design your own pay stubs. The layout of the template makes it easy on the eyes, and thus easy to follow. You can include various kinds of information like taxable gross, deductions, total amount and final payment.

Microsoft Word Paycheck Stub Template

Pay Slip is a standard form that is highly useful for the small companies during the issue of pay checks to employees. This has space for employee details, payments, rate, deduction, year to date salary and much more to make your task easy.

Earning Statement Pay Stub Template Online

This earning statement is easily downloadable, and once you do, you can easily customise it with your own details. You can add your gross wages on the left, and the deductions and net wages on the right to give it a neat clutter-free look.

Free Download Company Pay Stub Template DOC

docspile.com | This pay stub template word can be downloaded and edited fairly easily, you can mention all payment related details in the spaces provided, so as to avoid confusions and queries later on.

Canadian Pay Stub Template

Use this printable template to make your payroll look professional and accurate. With largely predefined sections, this template helps to keep the payroll of any company especially small ones up to date with ease.

Blank USA Pay Stub Template PDF Printable Download

wikidownload.com | This free printable pay stub template is completely blank, allowing to fill in whatever details necessary. It would be the perfect example of a pay stub, and you can follow it to come up with your own as well.

Payroll Template with Stubs MS Excel Download

templates.openoffice.org | This free paycheck stub template contains all the essential information required in a pay stub, like the name of the company, the employee's name, his personal details, his billable hours, his total earnings, tax deductions and finally the net payment to be made.

Pay Stub Template in Excel Format

This is a wonder template that has sections pre-defined for wages and deductions. Put in the descriptions, hours of work, rate, etc and let the template do the calculations for the payable gross and deductions for each employee.

ePaystub Administrator Printable Sample

This online format of pay stubs has become immensely popular, especially since it saves paper and is less time consuming. You can download this template, fill in the details and send it to the person concerned. That way you can maintain a soft copy of your pay stub.

Pay Stub Template PDF Format

Calculate and record your employee payroll with this template. The three worksheets included are for employee wage and tax information, pay calculation on the basis of overtime and regular hours in addition to leaves and the final one to generate paystubs.

Modern Paystyb Template PDF Format Free Download

paycheckstubonline.com | This blank pay stub template would help you calculate an employee's net wages. You can write his total earnings, gross pay, deductions and taxable amount, and net pay at the end. It is a comprehensive pay stub, which can come in handy.

These templates allow you to quickly key in the name and other details of the intended beneficiary, and updating of the pay to be given under different sections and sub heads. Also, some top notch blank stub check templates come with integrated calculation functions that can quickly provide accurately added amounts. Such templates make pay slips generation infinitely easier than any manual method, and that’s why such templates are right up there in the desire list of people from accounting and finance departments of companies.

With advanced payroll management functionalities such as calculations of dues, arrears and outstanding, and ddetailed calculations based on details such as overtime hours, sick leaves, annual leaves, vacations, etc., you can entrust pay stub templates with the complete payslip creation responsibilities.

Advanced pay check stub templates also create charts, graphs and bar graphs to showcase information visually, integrate company logos, headers and footers, and also leave space for manual comments to come before or after printing. Printing payslips in different formats, paper sizes and orientations is also facilitated without any hassles with these pay stub templates at your disposal. 

Why is a Pay Stub Important?

A pay stub may have been replaced by electronic means today, but a pay check is still a pay check and that makes it just as important. If a pay stub being the proof of employment is not big enough a reason, then these you must go through these reasons stating the importance of pay stubs –

  • If you’ve been reading the news lately, then you must have come across a couple of pay stub cases. Those are pretty common nowadays, each such legal case can settle for up a whopping amount of $8.25 million. Is that enough to convince you?
  • Apart from being a proof of employment, it is also a proof of payment. Even the large companies are not immune to frauds, if you are faced with one, this pay stub will be your weapon in the battle.
  • A pay stub that is efficient will need to contain all essential details, starting with the basics like names of employer and employee to the nitty gritty of the matter. That will allow you to save this pay stub for future references.

Tips for Pay Stub Templates

Now that you know everything about pay stubs, you have to decide what it is you want in your pay slip template. If you’re still trying to grasp the above information, these few tips could help you out in your search –

  • A payroll template needs to contain essential information like name of employer, employee’s social security number, the employee’s hourly rates, the total number of hours the employee has completed, the gross wages that the employee has earned, any kind of deduction and finally the net wages the employee is supposed to get.
  • A payroll check template should be easy to edit, customizable, and ready to print. What is the point of a template if it just causes the user more hassle?
  • You can try out the exclusive stub templates available online; these make your job easier with most of the details already provided. It will help you keep a track of employee records.

Do’s and Don’ts for Pay Stubs Templates


  • •Check for security measures before you download pay stub templates. You need to make sure it is absolutely secure before going forward.
  •  Check and recheck if you have missed out any important information. Everything must be included in the pay stub.
  • See that it saves your company time and money, and saves you the hassle of having to do it manually.


  • Don’t be impulsive while selecting a pay stub for your company, taking time to decide now will only be helpful in the long run.
  • Don’t compromise when it comes to selecting
  • Don’t forget to itemize and include accurate information in the pay stub

We Are Here to Help

At template.net, we know how important your pay stub is to you. To save you trouble, we have come up with numerous helpful and handy free printable paycheck stubs that you can download. All you have to do is select the one that meets your requirements, and edit it with your employee’s details.

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