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Do you have an important meeting or a presentation which carries lots of textual material? Well, if the answer is yes, and you have lots of matter to show and talk about, we’d recommend you use fact sheet templates and make your task easier and convenient. Fact sheets basically allow users to jot down the key points of a document, presentation etc. in a concise manner. With a fact sheet in hand, you’d be able to remember better and articulate more precisely!Fact sheets must be simple and easy to read and follow. This template ticks all the requirements. Just download this sample and get started on jotting down the facts already! The layout and design are uncomplicated and that’s why this deserves a download!

Each uses tables, heading, and bullet points on a single piece of paper, a clear indication that this is a powerful tool for communicating facts using simple terms in the shortest way possible. A Sheet Template can help you make the best summary of a longer document, quite a perfect way to extract and communicate only relevant information to the intended end users.

Blank Fact Sheet Template

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Business Fact Sheet Template

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Easily Edit Company Fact Sheet Template

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Product Fact Sheet Template in Doc

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Printable Organization Fact Sheet Template

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Medical Fact Sheet Template

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Easy to Edit Corporate Fact Sheet Template

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Fund Fact Sheet Template

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Client Information Sheet Template

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Academic and Department FactSheet Template PPT Format

cfaes.osu.edu | This particular template comes in the PPT format and is best for professors and teachers who want to share important information with their students. It has a formal look with a white background and black fonts.

Free Download Fact Sheet Template PDF Format Printable

gettemplatesfree.com | This one is print friendly and instead of using Word, it uses the PDF format. If you are sharing information about universities and colleges wit potential students, this template is ideal for you.

Joint Extension and OARDC FactSheet Template Free Download

cfaes.osu.edu | If you want to provide useful and important information about your centres and the work that you do, then this template is suitable for that purpose. And, it is absolutely free to download.

Plant Fact Sheet Template PDF Printable Download

plants.usda.gov | This comes in the PDF format and can be easily printed. You can include tables, bullet points and subheadings and get your information across easily with this template.

Free Key Fact Sheet Template About Indigenous People

ohchr.org | This one is absolutely free and easy to download. It comes in the Word format and is ideal for things written with bullet points.

Health First Colorado Fact Sheet Template PDF Download

colorado.gov | This template is easy to download and comes in the PDF format. It is best for hospitals and other companies into healthcare. You can write about your goals and mission briefly here.

1919 Large Antique World War I Fact Sheet Template

Corporate Fact Sheet Free PDF Template Download

upsaver.info | This is the best possible template for corporate companies looking forward to let the masses know about their aims, goals and other things. Just, make sure that t has bullet points and subheadings and your point would be made.

Company Fact Sheet PDF Template Free Download

netdna-cdn.com | This is the ultimate template for companies dealing with customers on a daily basis. If you are in a business that deals with products and services then this go for this one.

Client Information Fact Sheet Word Template Free Download

thecoachingtoolscompany.com | Know everything about your clients and make business with that knowledge with this template. On a white background, this template comes in the word format and is easy to download.

Animal Fact Sheet PDF Template Free Download


Hotel Fact Sheet Word Template Free Download

ymcatrivalley.org | With this template, you can let your customers know everything about your hotel. If used correctly, you can convince them to book a room with you. Make sure you present the list of amenities here.

Real Estate Claim Fact Sheet PDF Free Download


SAP Corporate Fact Sheet Free PDF Download


Fund Fact Sheet PDF Template Free Download


Fact Sheet Templates For All Those Tricky Requirements

Fact Sheet templates are the best for presenting the most important information without unnecessary digression. Thanks to these templates, you do not have to start from the beginning. This is both time effective and cost efficient. If you are a business owner and want to announce the launch of a new product or tell something to the masses about your business, then a company fact sheet template, is best for you. The best thing about these template fact sheets is that you do not have to worry about how to layout a factsheet.


  • It is an ideal replacement for news releases.
  • Every important detail reported in a systematic manner.
  • Inexpensive i.e. free download option is there and does not take a lot of time.
  • Has a professional appeal.
  • The fact sheet format and fact sheet layout are extremely uncomplicated.

You could use the Sheet Templates in so many different ways. From personal work, business data to school work, anything you want to put in point form definitely goes. Good examples of application areas include writing summaries of product information, educational materials, business stats, to-do lists as well as technical information to mention just a few. With tons of templates available for download and print, you cannot miss a suitable option for your next summary.


Each of these templates is created in such a way that it becomes easy for the information bearer to lay out all the important facts and not waste the reader’s time.

Let us look at some examples of a fact sheet template.

  • A blank fact sheet template, which you can manipulate any way you want to.
  • A fun fact sheet template, if you are not using it for business purposes.
  • A fact sheet design template where you either keep the design to a minimum or play with different fonts and typographies.

Generally, all of these are fact sheet template words and presented in a fact file template form.


Always make sure that you address all the questions starting with What and Where. In addition, dates, exact time, and other contact information like phone number, mailed should be presented there. Stick to bullet points because the moment you write in the paragraph format, you will get carried away and write irrelevant stuff. Lastly, give a catchy headline and remember to write all of the information on one single page.

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