10+ Free Download Morse Code Chart Templates in Word

Morse Code is the internationally recognized code language following a prefixed rhythm of dots(.) and dashes(-). These “dits” and “dahs”, as they are commonly known can be transmitted over long distances through telegraph, light mediums or even noises. Usually used in ship to ship communication the Morse Code has slowly been edged out by newer methods of communication but it is still widely used by various people for various purposes. The inherent simplicity of this system makes it quite easy to learn. Here we are going to breach the topics related to making your own as a Microsoft Word Document.

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Morse Code Chart MS Word Document Download

morse code chart ms word document download

Morse Code Chart Word Document Free Downlaod

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Morse Code Chart Word 2010 Format Free Download

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International Morse Code Chart Word Document

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Morse Code Chart Alphabet Word Document Download

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Morse Code Alphabet Chart in Word 2010 Document

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Mnemonic Morse Code Chart Word Document Free Download

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Morse Code Work Sheet Word Document Download

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Short Font Morse Code Chart Word 2010 Format Download

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Morse Code Worksheet Document Download

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> Understanding Morse Code:

A few factors to be taken into account before proceeding:

There exists a sequence of codes for every letter in the alphabet and every single digit number. The Word Format is one letter followed by it’s alternative in Morse Code. Though being an internationally acclaimed code there are various regional and linguistic barriers. The dots and dashes may seem confusing at first but closer inspection will reveal that there are certain patterns and is quite easy to learn. You can also see Morse Code Chart Templates.

> Morse Code and its Uses:

Invented by F.B.Morse in the year 1884 Morse Code has been adapted as a sign language by almost every country in the world. Due to the fact it can send short cryptic messages over far distances it was mostly taken up by nautical agencies around the globe. Probably the most popular as well as important Morse code message of all time is the signal for SOS a cry for help, signified by the rhythm “… — …” This can help in a situation where verbal or written communication is possible. There exists a famous story of an American Prisoner of War who used Morse Code to spell the word “Torture” while he was on air giving a forced interview. Morse Code may also be taught to kids as a fun game. Every child wants to pretend to know a secret language that only a few special people understand and Morse code could be that language. Because despite having the mystery and enigma of being a sign language it is also an official code language, having knowledge of which may serve children or even adults in times of need.

> Types and Variations:

Like everything which exists on Earth Morse Code has also been adopted and adapted by various countries for various languages. These are:

  • Latin Alphabets: This is the original and by far the most used version of Morse Code. It features the twenty six alphabets of the English Font as well as the numbers ranging from One to Nine. Though not commonly in use there also exists separate Morse Alternatives to several Punctuation Marks found in the English Language. In Ms Word this is the most prevalent type. Greek Alphabets: Introduced much later in Greece when such a need came forth. Free Download of this type of font is available as a word file for Word 2010.
  • Japanese and Arabic Alphabets: The two other major types of Morse Codes. These were developed later on to encompass the large number of alphabets present in both of these languages. If you wish to view Samples of this on word there are a large number of free options to download from.
  • Braille: As we all know “Braille” is the medium of reading for those whose visions are impaired. The Braille version of Morse Code deals in much simpler alternatives of the alphabets which makes them easier to read, remember, and portray. In a word document this cannot be viewed, since this requires touch to understand. Downloadable word docs are available to preview or even print.

Most of the online free samples are available for word, which means as a Microsoft Word Document. This is because in word most customizations are accessible before printing.