6+ Landscaping Estimate Templates – Free Word, Excel & PDF Documents Downloads

Landscaping is a task that includes a good amount of planning and estimating. Landscapes can be of different types. Their maintenance and care can take different types of work and planning. It may also point out different types of cost estimates. The landscaping estimate templates can be of much help for a user who is trying to create an estimate for the related work. You can make a worksheet and add Free Invoice Templates as well.

Sample Landscaping Estimate Template Download

These types of templates can be used for the purpose of creating an estimate of landscaping of a commercial property. Such estimates are very useful for the facility management companies. The background of these templates and also their themes are very formal and corporate in their look. However the entire range of template designs is editable.

Free Download Landscaping Business Estimate Template

These landscaping estimate templates are perfect for the purpose of making an estimate of the landscape and also the various elements that are to be taken care. These types of templates are ideal to understand all the things present within the domain of a single landscape. The template has superb responsive features and also has a great resolution range it allows a brilliant quality of printout. This helps in the final presentation.

Landscaping Estimate Template Pdf Format Download

If you need to draft an elaborate landscaping estimate, this template here would be really handy for you. The template has covered all the important aspects of any landscaping work such as plants, materials, fabric, labor etc.

Landscaping Estimate Template Download

These landscaping estimate templates can be of much help if you want to draw an elaborate plan for the purpose of landscaping. The format of this template has been drawn in the form of a table. The look of the design is very neat and tidy. They give an organized feel to the entire project.

Sample Template for Landscaping Estimate

The formats of these templates can support information pertaining to the nature of the landscape. The templates can come in the form of word documents or also in the form of PDF. These templates have a very minimalistic design that helps the user to create plans that shall be frills free.

You can display turf of grass and add picture of the plan or rough drawing in the template to make it organized and full proof. Whether it is a mini business to a large organization, the idea of template ensure better sale of landscaping work.

What are Landscaping Estimate Templates?

These are documents that shall help a user to create a format that can be used in the process of making an estimate of a landscape. These designs help companies who are providing services into guarding and facility management.

How to Create Landscaping Estimate Templates?

The following steps can be taken for creating a landscaping estimate template:

  • First make sure whether it is going to be in a table format or shall it support a paragraph style of writing.
  • Include only relevant heads. Too many heads which are not required as it might spoil the whole simplicity which is very much needed.
  • The templates have to be fully editable.
  • There has to be uniformity in the layout.

> Benefits

The benefits of these templates lie in the fact that they really help you have a fine idea of the area of your work. You get a proper estimate of the square feel area or the carpet area and also the other materials and labor required. These templates also provide a kind of organized feel to the entire work.


These templates can be of use for any type of landscaping that can be related to gardening, estimated for security services or even facility management. They have a professional touch to them.

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