Cursive Fonts – 135+ Free TTF, PSD Format Download

Best Cursive fonts are such great options to use in your next projects. The fonts actually emulate cursive handwriting. In cursive handwriting, each letter is connected to the other in a flowing and slanted manner. Pretty Cursive writing therefore focuses more on the connection between one letter and another.But did you know that cursive writing did start today? According to its history, the use of free cursive fonts actually started a long time ago. It started when it was in use for personal documents and official correspondence. Until the time computer, mobile phone and iPads came into being, the fonts were majorly for correspondence formalization.

cursive fonts

Today, the use of cool cursive fonts is not within the circumference of personal writing. It is beyond the boundaries and spans to use in writing school materials to commercial use. One of the best areas where cursive fonts are useful is design.There is a lot going on in digital design and print, and the free cursive fonts appear to be quite useful in digital design for sure. The use of cursive writing in design actually adds a more personal approach and feel to the project. Examples of the design projects include web design, graphic design, photo design and so much more.

> Cursive Script Fonts

Dreamy Cursive Script Font
Free Cursive Script Font
Magnolia Cursive Script Font

Cursive script fonts are an excellent choice for many purposes like school work, posters aimed at children and even premium products!Why choose this? They give a premium feel like no other font style can. These fonts have versatility, which means they are universally well-liked and can connect to a very large audience.[15+ Best Cursive Script Fonts]

> Cursive Tattoo Fonts

Praise Cursive Tattoo Script
Montague Script
Delinquente Font

Cursive tattoo fonts add a very personal touch to your tattoos. Because of their graceful curves and loops, these tattoos look very aesthetically pleasing too! When you want to tattoo the same of a loved one like parents, spouse or children on your body, or when you want to tattoo a life motto that you want to follow, cursive tattoo fonts for free download will be the perfect options.[20+ Best Cursive Tattoo Fonts]

> Cursive Writing Fonts

Lakesight Cursive Font
Blenda Cursive Script Font
Aguafina Cursive Script Font

Cursive writing fonts lends a very stylized and personal feel to your written communication. Certain fonts have a luxurious feel and lend themselves well to premium product campaigns. Why are they awesome, you ask? Well, there are cursive writing fonts for free download that look like real handwriting, so they are perfect for retro themes. These fonts are realistic enough to slant this way and that, and even have looped letters that mimic your own handwriting.[25+ Cursive Writing Fonts]

> Free Cursive Fonts

Hummingbird Free Cursive Font
Handwritten Cursive Font
Cursive Handwriting Font

With so many Free Cursive Fonts on the internet, sorting wheat from the chaff can be quite difficult. What I mean is that with so many of such free fonts available, you must do a careful search to find the diamond in the rough. This is a necessary thing to do. This is true especially for those people who are making a living from design.[45+ Free Cursive Fonts]

> Cursive Handwriting Fonts

Better Heather

It is obvious that you may not have set your eyes on these fonts before, but they are collectively attractive and generally amazing. They are free; you will rarely find many on sale. If you are amazed by the amazing collection of free Cursive Handwriting Fonts, feel free to download them and then use them for your next project.[30+ Best Cursive Handwriting Fonts]