Fonts of The Week (February 15th – 21st)

No design is complete without the useful text which goes into it. And it is not just what you put as text, but also how you put it that counts. There was a time when Helvetica was a designer’s dream after its excessive use by Apple. But now the design world has grown exponentially, and the typeface available to users has increased excessively. So to help you easily find the font you should be using, here is our list of fonts of the week.


Monday: February 15th (Young Heart)

young heart font

Start your Monday with this beautiful font by Alit Suamegara which will definitely make you feel young at heart. This all caps typeface with ligatures to handle repetition and alternate characters, when used with the correct shades, gives the perfect stenciled look to your designs and make the impact you would want to make at the start of your, symbols and accented characters. you can see Romantic Fonts.

Tuesday: February 16th (Inkheart)

inkheart font

Emil Karl Bertell has designed this masterpiece which is a family of 22 different fonts which includes different styles of script, brush, sans, and also catchwords, patterns and ornaments to go along with the font size. This tool will make you capture the marketing, advertising and branding world like no other font. Download Here

Thursday : February 18th (Korto)

korto font

Elegance and style mix together in this font designed by Adrian Talbot. Korto is a minimal typeface that comes in seven weights. And to add to the usability, it also includes central European accented characters apart from the western European. You can also see Western Fonts.

Friday : February 19th (Ciao Bella)


This Friday, make use of the elegant and ornamental font of Ciao Bella designed by Charles Gibbons and Cindy Kinash. This font can be set in multiple colors which gives the classic feel of ink on paper. The word connecting ribbons make it perfect for designing cards, invitations, and anything to do with traditional feel making it a total delight.

Saturday : February 20th (Skill)

skill font

Weekends are all about comfort, but yet classy. Same goes for the font you should go for. Skill by Maximiliano is about passion, expressiveness, freedom and desires. The eye soothing typeface uses a pointed brush and includes many alternates and ligatures per glyphs making it the right choice for magazines, posters, t-shirts and tattoo designs.