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Frozen Font – 14+ Free PSD, AI, Vector EPS Format Download

> The birth and emergence of Frozen Font

Frozen font was originally the font used in the poster of an American animated movie Frozen. The movie was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale ‘The Snow Queen’ and released in the year 2013. The Frozen font used in the movie is not an actual font and is not available in software like Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. It was created specifically for the movie.

> Frozen Font- the ideal lettering to dazzle kids

Disney’s animated comedy movie Frozen was a big hit among children. And the movie soon turned into a preferred party theme for kids. Therefore, to ensure your kid’s birthday party is a success, use the frozen party theme. Although the actual font does not exist, one can use similar available Frozen Font to create invitations, party labels, decorations, cake and other birthday party items. It is an opportunity for parents to personalize labels by creating their child’s name in the font and make other exciting personalized party goodies. These free fonts can also be used in children’s schoolbags, water-bottles, Tiffin-boxes, etc.

> Sources from where one can access Frozen Font

  • Download and install: Even though the actual Frozen Font does not exist, there are plenty of fonts available which are similar to the actual font. The fonts give the illusion of the Frozen Font style.
  • Use Font Generator to generate simple designs using Frozen Font. The tool converts entered text into images using Frozen Font. Either download it or click on the embed button to acquire links to insert images on the internet.
  • The Frozen font created by Kustren impersonates the style and lettering of the original Frozen logo. It is available for free download at deviantART. You can also see 3d art.

Frozen Ice Font Download

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Ice Kingdom Frozen Font Download

Blue Frozen Leaves Font

Digital Frozen Snow Font

Blue Set and Pink Set Digital Snow Font

Designed Frozen Font Download

Cuttable Design Frozen Font Download

Frozen Font Vector Download

Printable Frozen Font

Disney Frozen Font Download

Snow Queen Frozen Font

Frozen Digital Font Download

Frozen Ice Princess Font Instant Download

Frozen Font Instant Download

> Create your own Frozen Font with the help of Photoshop

  • Type the desired word in bold Trajan Pro font. Choose light blue as font color.
  • Apply Bevel & Emboss Styles to give text shape.
  • For adding glow to text, first add Inner Glow and then Outer Glow.
  • Place the second texture on top of the text and choose “Create Clipping Mask’’.
  • Set the Blend Mode to Hard Light to blend in the texture and generate a nice vibrant look to the texture.
  • Add a Layer Mask and Wave distortion under the Filter > Distort menu to crack and chip the edges of type layer.

> Limitations and restrictions in using Frozen Font

Frozen Font is popular among children and used in products associated with them like toys, coloring books, t-shirts, etc. The childish, ‘fairy-tale’ Frozen Font, therefore becomes unsuitable for using for any kind of formal or professional purpose. Frozen Fonts are a big no-no for using as official text styles. Another problem associated with Frozen Fonts is that these were created exclusively for a movie. Only similar looking fonts like Oliver Font are available in software. Therefore, downloading and using the original Frozen Font may result in copywrite issues.

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