20+ Logo Fonts – OTF, TTF

Logo is the most important part of any company. It represents the company among the masses and is responsible for brand promotion. It is through the logo design of the company that the audience can know about strength, quality and standards of the company. It provides individuality to the Company Logo among many other companies of the same product. Choosing a logo, thus is as important as choosing a correct name for the company. The logo of any brand consists of an image, text and texture. Apart from choosing about what to write in the logo, it is also equally important to know about how to write the text, such as what should be the text font. The font of the text should be such that should not look messy and puzzled up. Cool Logo has to be such that can be noticed from far and the text in it can be read comfortably.

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Silabrush Font TTF Logo Font Download

silabrush font ttf logo font download

Milestone Logo Font OTF Download

milestone logo font otf download

Shout Display Logo Font Download

shout display logo font download

Wowangle Brush Script Font TTF Logo Font Download

wowangle brush script font ttf logo font download

Forest Camp Logo Font OTF Download

forest camp logo font otf download

Custom Logo Font Download

custom logo font download

Sentagram Logo Font TTF Download

sentagram logo font ttf download

Strange Absinthe Label Logo Font OTF Download

strange absinthe label logo font otf download

Variane Script Logo Font Free Download

variane script logo font free download

Scream Real Logo Font TTF Download

scream real logo font ttf download

Bubble Logo Font TTF Download

bubble logo font ttf download

Gold Script Logo Font Download

gold script logo font download

Calligraphy Willow Bloom Logo Font TTF Download

calligraphy willow bloom logo font ttf download

Hot Pizza Logo Font TTF Download

hot pizza logo font ttf download

Brixton Outline OTF Logo Font Download

brixton outline otf logo font download

Westerous Logo Font OTF Download

westerous logo font otf download

Debby Free Logo Font OTF Download

debby free logo font otf download

Polar Vortex Logo Font Free Download

polar vortex logo font free download

Modern Wave Calligraphy TTF Download

modern wave calligraphy ttf download

The Restless Youth Logo Font OTF Download

the restless youth logo font otf download

Tallow TTF Logo Font Download

tallow ttf logo font download

How to select the Font of the Logo?

Designers often while designing a logo take special care of the text font because it can either create a good impression of the brand or can spoil the impression. These designers either create trendy designs for the Logo Font or also can buy it. A third option that many of the designers opt for is to use the free logo fonts available online.

Premium Fonts used for Designing a Logo

Premium fonts are held to be the best for designing any brand logo. Designers can buy these fonts online and can use their creativity to create a good brand logo. Some of the premium logo fonts that these days many designers are using are Heveltica, Museo Sans Rounded, Amsi Pro, Brandon Text, Galano Classic, Neo Sans, Proxima Nova, and Panton. These fonts can be bought at a price starting from $20 and if a whole bunch is bought then it can cost about $100 and more.

Free Fonts used for Designing a Logo

It is not that only the premium fonts can create an excellent logo. There are a number of free fonts available online that can provide again some great logo designs. Some of the famous free fonts used by the designers to create logo are Designosaur, Practique, Geo Sans Light, Comfortaa, Beaver, Kilogram, Intro Free, Lorena, Cash Font, Polaris, Prosto and the list can go on endlessly. These Beautiful Art Deco Fonts have become a part of many brand logos and still go on being so. There are so many logo fonts available online, that at times, it becomes really difficult to choose the best one. On a general basis, most of the designers go for three fonts initially before exploring any other designs. These are Serif, Sans Serif and Script.

The Use of Serif Font in Logos

Though this is a font stye that is used in the logos but designers need to use them very carefully. It may not look bad during the designing, but after the printing process, the fonts may shrink and hence the readability of the text may decrease. So, it is advised that this font should not be the first choice for any logo designing. Of course this can be used for logos that are huge in size and have little text in it. In this case, even if the text shrinks down, the text can be read due to availability of space in the huge logo frame. Gasper and Abraham Lincoln are beautiful fonts that fall under Serif fonts.

The Use of Sans Serif in Logos

If the Serif font is the least recommended font for logo designs, Sans Serif is on the other hand is recommended highly for the Designing of Logos. This font is used by maximum of big brands such as Pepsi, Apple or Sony. The biggest advantage of the font is that the text fonts have almost same width at all the sides and corners. Due to this, whenever the logo is shortened, the font does not shrink at one place. The size of the font also decreases accordingly but remains in the same texture. Even when the logo size is enlarged, the text font increases its size without looking dull. This is the reason; designers often go for Sans Serif fonts without much of hesitation. Some of the Sans Serif fonts that designers can go for are Harabara, Aero Matics, and Frontin.

The Use of Scripts Fonts in Logos

Scripts fonts are beautiful and creative to look at, but may have the same issue that the Serif font posses. Scripts fonts are written in curly way and hence when the logo is compressed, it may get messy and hence the readability of the text is lost. Also at times, the text font may become extremely shabby after the logo has undergone a printing process. A proper way to use this font is to use them in the bold way. If the fonts are bold, there are lesser chances of the texts getting messed up. One of the very common examples of using Scripts Font is the brand logo of Coca Cola. There are many other big brands that have used this font successfully such as Kellogg’s and Johnson&Johnson. There is numerous numbers of fonts online that look extremely beautiful. But not all of them can be used to design a logo. It is the work of a good designer to check out about which text font will look good in the logo of a brand. Logos are not just an identification mark for the brand but also hold the reputation of the organization. Hence, designing the logo wrong can cause a loss to the brand’s reputation. Of course there are a number of designers who take risk in experimenting with some new fonts but some of the basic ideas need to be clear. The fonts used should be such that can complement the image or texture on the logo. In case the logo is shortened or enlarged, it should not affect the look of the font. Lastly, of course, the font should look the same even after the logo has been printed out.