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What are Vintage Invitations?

Vintage invitations are simply invitations for any event like a birthday, a retirement party, a back to school party, a dinner event, or a wedding. 'Vintage' here means that the invitations have vintage themes on them. Vintage designs are still on the rise until today because they are timeless. Although vintage designs are from the past, they always make a statement. They have this sense of soul and personality on them. Like any classic, they never get old.

How to Make Vintage Invitations?

There can be a lot of themes that you can choose for your invitation cards. But if you have decided to settle on vintage designs and ideas, you are a success. Vintage designs are still one of the most popular designs in the present. Now let's get started in making your vintage event invitations with these simple steps:

1. Identify The Event Atmosphere

Firstly, you need to know the kind of event you are having. It is a must that invitations indicate the readers the ambiance of the party. Through reading and looking at the invitations, they will know if an event is casual or formal. It is your job to make invitations for a wedding, a quinceanera party, a graduation party, or a baby shower to have a sense and air that reflects the event. If you follow this process, you can make your invitation wording better and easier to achieve.

2. Manage Proper Event Wordings

Your use of language and context should flash what you want to convey to your guests. Proper wording is an essential requirement to make effective invitations. Your phrasing and your message should always go back to the level of formality your event will have. You can't be too formal in writing for a casual neighborhood BBQ party, while you can't use an informal tone for a wedding invitation. You need to use the appropriate language that the event requires.

3. Invitation Content

When you already know how to establish your use of appropriate wordings, continue with the content. Generally, invitation contents are mostly the same regardless of the event. Firstly, you have to add the title of the event. Next, if you are going to have a formal event, you can start with an invitation phrase. This phrase can be like this, "Kindly join us for..." and then add the title of the event. Also, for an invitation, you have to include the 'save the dates', the time, and the location of the party. You may also add other details like what your guests should wear or bring. Don't forget to add an RSVP so that you will have an idea of who will attend or not attend.

4. Download A Template

So that you can start right away with your vintage invitations, download a template. We have a lot of different vintage invitation templates for you. Owning a template will help you save time. You can never go wrong with these invitation templates. Customize them, print, and then send.

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