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How to Make an IT or Software Banner?

it and software banner template

Many software and IT companies use banners for advertising or promoting their newest products or services. The Nielsen global survey claims that using banner ads for product awareness is 1.5x times more effective than direct mail. This means that banners are great tools for advertising any product or service. Well, if you have to make one, you can follow the steps specified below:

1. Don't Put Too Many Information

An ad shouldn't contain a lot of information. As much as possible, it should only have the essential details that it needs. You have to assess what details you need to include on the banner of your IT or software company. Make sure that you organize the content of the banner properly.

2. Highlight Your Offer

Do you want to grab people's attention in an instant? Then, give them what they want. Highlight your deals and offers. People love offers and discounts, put them in a larger font. Aside from that, you can also include other product and service details like providing an IT solution, software development, web programming, web development, etc.

3. Add Picture

Use graphics to make the banner eye-catching but those must be relevant to the banner topic. If you want you can avoid it too, as many banners don't contain pictures but yet they are effective. But if you want to add a photo, you have to make sure that it's high in its resolution that it will look good online and in print. Also, pick a picture that will not bore the audience but will instead draw them.

4. Write a Call to Action

A 'call-to-action' is a must in banners as it encourages readers to make a move. It is an effective strategy developed over years of banner advertising. It's going to persuade people to visit your agency or site to try your products or services. Without this, you might leave people passive.

5. Use White Space

As the banner maker, you have to make sure that you balance the white space. White space can help your advertisement look neat and can make your banner's design look better. It can also make the content of your banner readable.

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