In this competitive business world, one of the best ways to promote your IT products or services is through a well-written and complete proposal. Most clients prefer this document since it provides a clear overview of your products and services, including the scope of work and price/s. Writing this document may be a hassle or an additional workload for you. That is why to make work easy, our site offers various IT/Software Proposal Templates that are available for you to download. These templates were designed and written by professionals and 100% customizable. Download a copy now and subscribe to our subscription plans for more affordable and reliable products!

How to Write an IT/Software Proposal?

it and software proposal template

Since IT products and services have a complex scope of work, the IT companies use proposals to provide potential clients with a three-point perspective of their products or services. According to Lumin, in an IT Business development company, business proposals are one of the most effective strategies that attract prospective clients. It provides the customer with informative and persuasive content, helping them to believe that your products or services are the solutions to their problems. With a well-written proposal, the company does not need to send several marketers to the client since this document can market its product or service on its own. Writing this document may be challenging, so we prepared a few tips that you can follow. You may even check our site for sample proposals for reference.

1. Know Your Prospective Client

It would be best to understand the perspective of the possible client since you will use this basic information for your proposal's cover letter. Find ways to know your prospective client's complete company name, address, contact person and designation, and contact information and Company Letterhead.

2. Draft Your Cover Letter

When writing a cover letter, make sure to write it professionally. Avoid using many adjectives and words which are too complicated. The main goal when writing a cover letter is to highlight your willingness to provide a solution to your prospective client's problem or need. You may check our site for sample Cover Letters.

3. Describe Your Company and Product or Service

When writing your Company Profile, make sure that the content starts with the history of the company and how it established itself as one of the most reliable IT companies found today. In terms of the details in product or service, make sure to emphasize the benefits your potential clients can gain.

4. Detail the Scope of Work, Pricing, and Terms

When writing the scope of work, make sure to make it procedural. What will happen if your prospective client approves your proposal? You can start your scope of work in this question. In your product or service pricing, make sure to highlight it using a table, especially when you have multiple products or services. Make sure that the numbers are readable. Write the terms and conditions in the last part of your proposal.

5. Proofread Your Proposal

No one is safe from typographical errors and grammar issues. So, when you send your Business Plan, make sure to proofread your work at least twice. Use online free grammar or spelling checkers if needed.

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