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  • Using legal documents in your software or IT company is crucial, so your transactions follow correct law practices to protect you from legal dilemmas. To further protect you from these issues, you need to prepare legal documents. However, if you don't have these types of documents, then select from this stack of ready-made IT and Software Legal Templates. These are 100% editable and printable. These are also professionally written. You can also edit these in Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, Google Docs, and Adobe Photoshop. The templates have helpful and suggestive content that you can easily use anytime. Download now!

    What Is an IT and Software Legal Document?

    An IT and software legal document is any document that an IT or software business uses for lawful purposes. This document can be an agreement or contract for a client, employee, project, software development, software support, and others.

    How to Create an IT and Software Legal Document

    Statista reported that the revenue of the IT industry around the globe brought $724 billion last 2019. This data shows that IT companies, including software businesses, are doing well these days. On the other hand, it's also essential to note that every move a company does should comply with the law to avoid lawsuits. So, creating legal documents are necessary. To add, protection from contract breach and distancing from possible misunderstandings are some of the benefits of legal documents in your IT or software company.  

    So, if you have to make any software of an IT legal document, you may follow the tips below.

    1. Look into Your State Law

    Applying your state law to your agreement or contract is going to support your terms. This can also be one of the cornerstones of your contract or agreement. If you're unsure of the laws that you need to apply to your document, you may contact your attorney for assistance. By doing so, your paper will be valid to the law.

    2. Divide into Sections

    A contract or agreement contains different and many contents. For this reason, it may be challenging to comprehend if it's too long. To solve that, you need to divide it into different categories or sections. Allocating different sections for different topics will pave the way for easier reading. To illustrate, you can categorize them into parties, terms, service, payment, warranty, applicable law, and others.

    3. Apply Formal Language

    The legality of your IT or software document doesn't only fall on the content alone. Still, it should also be visible in your language. Whether you're making contracts for products like legal billing software, accounting software, practice management software, or others, ensure that you use a professional, business language, and tone. If you use informal language, people may not take it seriously. 

    4. Keep It Simple

    Although the previous tip discusses formality, this doesn't mean you can't achieve simplicity. Not everyone is capable of understanding legalese writing. So, if you want it to be more coherent, use concise sentences, active voice, and layman's terms in your simple agreement.


  • What is a legal system software?

      A legal system software is a software that a law firm uses to assist it in billing, legal document management, and case management. 

  • What are the seven types of law?

      1. The Constitution
      2. Civil Law 
      3. Administrative Law
      4. Statutory Law
      5. Equity Law
      6. Case Law
      7. Criminal Law
  • What are the two types of software licensing?

      1. Proprietary software 
      2. Open-source software
  • What software has no licensing restrictions?

      The software that has no licensing restrictions is public-domain software. This software presents any user the freedom to use, modify, copy, sell, or share without any limits.

  • Is copying software illegal?

      Yes, it's illegal to copy software because that is copyright infringement. Copying the software that you bought as your backup may be granular, but copying it so others can use it is prohibited.