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What Is an IT/Software Document? 

The IT or software documents are composed of test management plans, software requirements, service strategy, and other software development documents. As stated by glue, a software company, documentation plays an important task in software development and other business processes. It provides stakeholders with guidance to reach a certain goal. Also, these documents are records for the stakeholders to rely on, especially for the future strategic plans. 

How to Write an IT and Software Document 

it and software document template

Writing an IT and software document is not an easy task. You have to gather essential information and analyze such information to develop a strategy. Here are our few tips when writing an IT document. 

1. Create Your Team

If necessary, you have to appoint your key personnel for your team before you write your IT or software document. For instance: If you are planning to write a test plan, it is essential that you already have a team composed of software developers and testers. The names of these employees will be written in the test management plan along with their responsibilities.  

2. Discuss Your Goals

Once you have gathered your team members, you have to discuss your goals and objectives with them. If you are planning to have a test plan, you need to discuss your methodologies, strategies, test requirements, and other similar aspects. After discussing, you can now use those pieces of information when writing an IT or software document. 

3. Write Your IT or Software Document

When writing your IT or software document, avoid uncommon abbreviations and words. You have to be specific and straightforward when writing the content of your document. Use terminologies that are commonly used in your IT company or environment. In this way, the stakeholders can easily grasp the key points of the document. 

4. Proofread Your IT or Software Document 

Do not implement or use your IT or software document without proofreading it. There might be errors in grammar, layout, intricate formatting, and other mistakes that may confuse the readers. 

5. Present Your IT or Software Document 

After writing your IT or software document, you need to present it to your team members and provide them with photocopies. Discuss each part of the document. You may also ask for their feedback about your document. 


  • What are the IT/software documents?

      There are many IT/software documents. Few of which are test management plan, software development project plan, software requirements, software quality metrics, and many others.

  • What is a test plan?

      The test plan is a document that details the software project’s scope, test strategies, test methods, resources, responsibilities, and other essential aspects of software development. 

  • Who prepares IT/software documents?

      Mostly, the project manager or documentation in-charge are the ones who are responsible for the preparation of IT/software documents. 

  • What are the types of software documentation?

      1. Product Documentation
      2. System Documentation
      3. Process Documentation
      4. User Documentation

  • What is the best software for writing IT/software documents?

      Writing and designing an IT or software document does not need expensive subscriptions from a software. You can use Microsoft Word and Google Docs for writing such documents.