IT and Software ID Card Templates

Create Professional IT and Software ID Card Designs Online with’s Free IT and Software ID Card Templates. Choose from Editable and Printable Template Samples in Single or Dual-Sided Orientations for Durability with Customizable Logos, Employee Photos, Names, Designations, Signatures, Contact Info, and Addresses.See more

it and software id card template


Free IT and Software ID Card Template, Printable, Download offers dozens of printable IT and Software ID card template designs with built-in editable identifying data features that IT and Software staff and employees can use. Choose from vertical or horizontal format examples that can double as smart cards and verification cards besides their function as employee IDs for programmers, operating systems engineers, computer technicians, or software engineers. Choose your ID template sample that fits your requirements and download it for free.

Customize IT and Software Identity Card, ID Badge Online for Free and Download

Choose from our samples of eye-catching and attractive IT and Software ID templates in blank, simple, basic, creative, or modern identification card designs for software employees in tech companies, the IT industry, or software technology companies. Edit your chosen template online and customize or replace the premade logos, badges, symbols, vectors, backgrounds, and layouts. Adjust text and fonts, replace info details with your own, and resize borders and sizes as needed. Download for free as a PDF file.


  • What is the Most Popular ID Card Size?

      As mentioned, the size of your ID cards solely depends on your purpose and preference. However, the most popular size used for ID cards is 3.375″ x 2.125″; it is the same size as a credit card. 

  • What are the Essential Elements of an ID Card?

      The following are elements you should include in an ID card:

      1. Company Name
      2. Company Logo
      3. Company Address
      4. Security Feature
      5. Name of the Bearer and Designation/Position
      6. Bearer's Contact Information and Emergency Contact
      7. Bearer's Signature
      8. Signature of the CEO

  • How Much Does it Cost to Print ID Cards?

      ID card printing totally depends on your location, materials, features, and quantity. But it is common to spend a total of $6 per card. The pricing can still change depending on the package, deal, or arrangement you have with your print studio.

  • What are the Benefits of an ID Card?

      An ID card secures your establishment and items through its security features and pertinent information. It can also prove one's identity, which is important during emergencies. Also, it helps prevent fraud as fraudsters cannot replicate your face.

  • What are Some Security Features in an ID Card?

      Depending on your budget and preference, you can use the following security features for your ID cards:

      1. Barcodes
      2. Photo/Picture
      3. Magnetic Stripe
      4. Proximity/RFID/Smart Card
      5. Fluorescent Overlay
      6. Hologram
      7. Microtext
      8. Laser Engraving