For your IT/SW business, it is vital to have a distinguishable ID card. The design should highlight the information of the bearer and also embody the brand. Our professionally created IT/Software ID Card Templates will provide you with a creative layout and unique illustrations. They are 100% editable, shareable, and printable. We assure you, using our ready-made templates, you can easily create a high-quality ID card. They are available in various file formats too like Microsoft WordApple PagesAdobe PhotoshopAdobe Illustrator, and Google Docs. Get one in the preferred file format now and make one for your business instantly. Subscribe to start downloading!

How to Create an IT/Software ID Card?

According to a study by Javelin Strategy & Research, 14.4 million people in 2018 were victims of identity fraud crimes. Although some of these crimes are a failure in cybersecurity, having the right ID cards can help prove one's innocence. A certified ID card, like a company-issued ID card, is, therefore, a great identification tool.

it and software id card template

With these in mind, creating any IT and Software business card for your company should be one of your priorities. Below are some helpful tips and tricks to create one instantly:

1. Choose a Size and Layout

By now, you have identified the required information to include in your corporate ID cards. Hence, you can choose what size and layout are best to use to present the required information.

2. Incorporate Brand Image and Identity

Your professional ID cards are extensions of your brand; they provide free marketing whenever used by your employees. As the card maker, you should prioritize incorporating your brand by highlighting the company name, logo, and using your brand colors.

3. Choose a Readable Font Style

Since the main purpose of your simple or portrait ID card is for identification, you should choose an easily readable font style. That way, people can easily read the name of the bearer. If your company has established a specific font style, you can use that.

4. Incorporate Security Features

You can avoid security breaches by incorporating security features in your ID cards. Each card can have RFID, barcodes, ID numbers listed on your database, and modern other methods. These features will help secure your establishment and ensure the credibility of the card and the bearer.

5. Invest in Material and Printing

Using ID cards with modern security features mean that you should invest in your materials and print process. It is best to work with highly credible card creators or card printers to ensure you can implement complex features and that the printable ID cards are of the highest quality.

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