IT and Software Scope of Work Templates

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How to Make an IT and Software Scope of Work

An IT and software scope of work is a section or description of how a company can perform the work.  Statista explains that by 2021, the IT market is expected to have a revenue of around 1,911.2 billion U.S. Dollars. For this reason, a lot of IT companies have been diligent in producing software products and in providing the best services. But in working, your company and your client should agree to how much work you should perform as part of the project management. For this, you should create a scope of work. But don't worry, this article can help you. Just refer to the steps below:

1. Avoid Vagueness

You should create an IT Agreement with due diligence to avoid any disputes. Make sure that you leave no room for vague terms, or this can cause confusion or disagreement between you and your client. On the same note, to avoid ambiguous terms, ensure that you define them on your glossary. Define words, jargon, acronyms, and others.

2. State the Goals of the Project

Always begin with the things you want your project to achieve. In stating the goal, you don't have to write a long one on the IT Document. The maximum for your purpose(s) is two or three sentences. 

3. Include Milestones

In making the project scope, you should include milestones. You can use the list of your milestones as an assessment of whether your project is on the right track or is suffering from scope creep. This can also help you see the growth and progress of your project.

4. Write the Deliverables

You should note all the deliverables you should provide. Your deliverables can be products or services depending on your project (for example web design, software development, etc.). Make sure that you will meet all the deliverables on your IT Contract.

5. Input Timeline

You must include a timeline for your project. A schedule can help you see the bigger picture. It guides you when you should start and finish a task or deliverable. 


  • Is a scope of work a contract?

      A scope of work is a contract in a sense. But it's not really an actual contract. 

  • Who writes the work scope?

      Ideally, a work scope is a collaboration between a client and a company or agency. The project manager creates the scope of work, but he or she should make sure that both parties agree with everything he or she writes on the agreement.

  • Why is a scope of work important?

      It's important because it serves as an outline of how people should perform the project. This can also help them in tracking the progress of the project.

  • How do you define scope?

      A scope is the list of the tasks and work people should perform to reach the objectives of their project. 

  • What is a scope of a paper?

      A research paper's scope is the things and categories that the author targets to study or focus on.