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What is an IT Flyer?

In marketing, a flyer is a document that contains condensed information about a product, object, person, service, event, topic, or a combination thereof. It is usually printed on A4 and US size paper or cardstock.

Businesses use them alone or as part of a holistic print marketing campaign. There is a resurgence in their use (as well as other printed marketing materials) as the economy recovers. An estimated 0.4% growth in the industry expected to be seen within the next year. Even if this is only a relatively small increase, marketers are positive that this trend will only continue to grow over the next decade.

Don’t let your IT firm lag from your competitors when it comes to attracting new customers using custom flyers. Through the short guide below, you will learn how to create winning IT flyers without needing to hire a graphic designer.

How to Make an IT Flyer

it flyer template

Just like any kind of promotional flyer, an effective IT flyer should both be informative and attractive. Study how you can apply each design element below so that you can create a good flyer on your own.

1. Choose a Focal Image

If you want to add photos and illustrations to a company flyer, make sure that you do this sparingly. In fact, it may be better to use just one image to let customers focus on that single image.

Remember, flyers act as announcement cards. You need customers to take away as much information about them as possible.

2. Add an Enticing Call To Action

Adding a beautiful and relevant photo to an IT flyer can work. But, without the right words, it can flounder. For example, if you are advertising your services in an IT support flyer, you should display a ‘Hire Now’ or ‘Contact Now’ Call To Action.

This way customers do not have to decipher what the picture on your marketing flyer is for. Instead, they may your Call To Action as a context clue.

3. Include Your Brand Logo

To get the most out of your IT flyers, it is best to optimize them as tools to help raise brand awareness. Add your company logo or letterhead design and the entire thing will look more credible.

By applying this design step, you do not have to worry about your advertising flyers being sales duds. Realize that you may not be generating real-time sales but you are creating a way for customers to remember your brand easily. They see your logo repeatedly and your company will be the first thing that comes to mind when they need your IT services.

4. Color Is Your Friend

The human brain is biased towards color. Leverage this fact and use striking color combinations in your software company flyer design. Conduct flyer printing tests using different color palettes before you settle with the final IT flyer design.

5. Don’t Forget Your Distribution Plan

This last tip may not be about flyer design but it bears mentioning. After all, what good is having a visually appealing flyer when it is not posted or handed to the right person? So after spending countless nights rethinking your IT flyer design, you must also come up with a sound flyer distribution plan.

List down all the locations where you can guarantee that your ideal customers can see and read the flyer. Scout locations where you can hand them out to customers face to face.

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