The tech industry is highly competitive, with professionals and experts continually trying to come up with the next innovation of the decade. This makes it essential for companies to encourage their employees to do better, and one way is through recognition. These IT and Software Certificate Templates can help you save time coming up with layouts and formats for every single award and certificate you want to hand out. They are available in MS Word, Apple Pages, Google Docs, Illustrator, and Photoshop as well. Each one features professionally-designed documents that you can edit to suit your purpose better. They come in various file formats and are ready to be printed after completion. Download now!

How to Make IT and Software Certificates?

it and software certificate template

Employee recognition is a smart investment for companies of today, according to a 2016 research by Gallup, Inc. This is because making people feel valued and appreciated about the work they do doesn’t cost much. Still, it has a significant impact on workplace morale and productivity. Organizing activities where awards and certificates are given to excellent employees go a long way in this endeavor. To help with that, below are a few pointers to keep in mind in the making of these basic certificates.

1. Determine the Purpose

Identify the reason behind the giving of a custom certificate. Whether it’s for the completion of a project, training session, or excellent work performance, the nature of the award will determine the content of the entire certificate. Make sure that it is for something legitimate, so your employees do not see the certificate as a consolation prize.

2. Emphasize the Recipient’s Name

The name of the recipient is one of the most critical parts of the sample certificate. Ensure that it is prominently displayed, and correctly spelled. Seeing one’s name in a document that conveys appreciation is a milestone in someone’s internship or employment, as it makes people feel like the management values them.

3. Double-check all the Necessary Information

Create a short checklist of details you need to include in the simple certificate. Be sure to put the correct venue, date of the ceremony, and company information. Most certificates that are hastily made are distributed right after a specific program. This often leads to multiple typos and design errors.

4. Make Sure the Elements are Proportional

It is also essential to come up with a printable certificate that is pleasing to look at. You can achieve a stylish but professional certificate by ensuring that you arrange the elements, like a logo and other graphic elements, proportionally. Do not include details that you believe are no longer necessary, so you have space for the information that should be featured.

5. Choose Appropriate Signatories

The signatories make the creative certificate a formal document. Depending on the purpose of the award, you have to determine who gets to sign and authorize the recognition. Signatories can be the human resource director, direct supervisor, or the company head. Employees can use these certificates as supplementary documents for their resume, so it is crucial to make them legitimate.

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