IT and Software White Paper Templates

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For a new product or service to become successful, it must have the capability to resolve current dilemmas within a market demographic. Only then it'll attract the attention of more people, which subsequently means a large amount of revenue. So if your IT and Software company has an upcoming product or service, we encourage you to optimize its marketing by using our editable IT and Software White Paper Templates. Each of these templates is a ready-made document with sample contents that'll help you in reaching out to your target market. Choose the templates that best fit your needs and personalize them using Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Apple Pages. Make white paper writing easy by saving these templates into your device now!     

How to Create an IT and Software White Paper?

An IT and software white paper is an informative document presenting the various benefits of a certain IT and software product or service. This kind of document is used by IT and software companies also to explain the layout and technical components of their offers. In a sense, it's also another method of marketing.   Although some consider white papers to be an ineffective business strategy, Ryan Malone from says otherwise. He suggests that white papers have not lost their flair of promoting a product or stationery while educating the market all about it. It's just a matter of creating them properly. That said, you should consider marketing your IT and Software Company's brand new products or services using white papers. Our simple guide might be of help. 

1. Begin With an Executive Summary

You should consider the fact that your readers have no idea what the product or service is all about. So don't throw them right away in the mix about its technicalities and complexities. You must begin the white paper document with an executive summary of the product or service. Above the executive summary, don't forget to place the company name and company Letterhead or Logo.   

2. Establish the Topic 

Of course, the topic you must establish for the white paper document should be the product or service. Make sure to state it in the executive summary. Afterward, enumerate the problems that the product or service will resolve. They will be the subtopics of the sections of your white paper document

3. Justify with Supporting Data

When writing the subtopics, you have to include data and statistics that justify how the product or service will benefit the market. For this matter, make sure that your sources are accurate and credible. You can utilize graphics, tables, and charts to convey data. Conveying them in a text form will also do. Additionally, you can talk further about the product or service, such as its design and how it came to be.   

4. Use an Engaging Writing Style   

A white paper is supposed to grab the attention of your target consumers. To make it effective, you have to adopt an engaging writing style in creating it. Your readers should feel a warm and welcoming atmosphere while reading the white paper, like the contents of marketing Brochures and Flyers.    

5. Make a Strong Conclusion

To make a strong conclusion, it must contain an Invitation or call to action to purchase or avail of the product or service. In doing so, it enables the white paper to end in a high note. You can also include a brief recap of the topic.  


  • How Many Pages Should White Papers Contain?

      The page count of a white paper should generally depend on the scope of its topic. But typically, a white paper's page count is around 6 to 8.  

  • What Is the Function of a White Paper?

      The primary function of a white paper is to preach how a certain entity or circumstance is the ideal approach to resolve a particular issue. Among the common uses of a white paper is in business marketing or advertising. Companies persuade their target market to purchase their offers by elaborating about their benefits using a white paper.   

  • Must a White Paper Contain References?

      To better advocate your claims using a white paper, you have to earn the trust of your readers. In achieving that, you have to include credible references that convey data and information which supports your advocacy.    

  • What's the Distinction Between a White Paper and a Yellow Paper?

      The functions of a white paper and yellow paper are similar in many ways. Both of them are advocating something with credible sources and citations. The main distinction between the two is that a yellow paper conveys the topic more technically. In contrast, a white paper is a simplified version of which the average reader can understand better. 

  • Should a White Paper Be Double Spaced?

      Yes, a white paper should be double spaced. Furthermore, the font size of the texts must be set to 12, and the margin (on all sides) must be one inch. A white paper must look neat and organized.