IT and Software Meeting Minutes Templates

Detailing Your Meeting Agenda or Documenting Important Information During Your Team Meeting Is Quite Important. That Is Why Offers Free IT/Software Meeting Minutes Templates With Sample Content That You Can Use as a Guide. Perfect Templates for Your Software and IT Development or Even Construction Projects. Download Now and Be Diligent When Documenting Your Meeting Agendas!See more

Meetings happen each day, especially in an IT company. However, those that participate in them may forget crucial details that are essential for completing tasks ad achieving goals. That's why these Ready-Made IT and Software Meeting Minutes Templates exist so that you can keep a record of what took place during those meetings. These excellent and exceptional templates are available in different file formats like MS Word, Apple Pages, and Google Docs so that you can easily edit their content under your needs. Our team of business professionals, together with expert graphic designers, created these templates to ensure that you can make the best meeting minutes for your IT company. Take this opportunity and download these professionally-made templates today!

How to Create an IT and Software Meeting Minutes?

An IT Software Meeting Minutes is a type of document that will act as a record that holds detailed information of a meeting that transpired. Often, it is the secretary of the board that takes note of the details and compiles this type of document. Meeting minutes may include board meeting agendas, action items, finance, and other aspects that take place during an important discussion.

According to CompTIA, approximately 520 thousand IT and Software companies exist in the U.S. alone. However, it is only 40 percent compared to the global worth of the IT Market, which is approximately 5 trillion dollars, according to SelectUSA. That's a lot of companies and a whole lot of meetings!

There's no doubt that these companies make use of meeting minutes to take note of everything that they've discussed. It would be best that you do the same with your company whenever it has meetings. The steps below will help you create the best business meeting minutes that are sure to make you the man/woman of the hour!

1. Always be Prepared

When taking part in an IT meeting, you can expect them to belong as  IT-related operations can be complex and even tedious at times. There has to be someone who takes note of things like who's speaking and what topics are discussed. If that person is you, then what you can do is make use of notebooks or journals and write down everything that took place. So while the meeting is in full swing, pay attention to what's going on and keep track of what's happening until the end.

2. Take Note of the Attendees.

You might already have a checklist of attendees if you're incredibly prepared. If not, then you'll have to ask the person who's in charge of attendance for the list of those who participated. Always check on the list as you want to make sure to accurately list down names in your meeting minutes. Also, be sure to specify those who attended and those who missed it. If you like, you include a section that comments on why certain people were not able to attend.

3. Specify the Meeting Details

For this step, start by writing down the topics and unresolved issues from the previous meetings that are being carried over to the current one. Then you'll want to list down the agenda of the meeting that you're covering and what topics were discussed. What you can do is create labels that point out the speaker who discussed the topic or raised issues, and then include the names of those who provided solutions. So let's say for example that one of the issues was that there was a software bug that hasn't been properly identified. You'll want to specify details such as the type of bug was, the software it affected, who reported it, and the name of the person responsible for fixing it.   

4. Point Out How it Ended

Once it's all over, you'll want to state how the meeting ended. What issues were solved and what topics will be carried over to the next IT meeting? After writing those down, you must then specify when the next meeting is going to take place and who is expected to take place in it. Those in management are usually expected to return for such meetings so be sure to take hold of their names first. And when writing down when the next meeting is going to happen, be sure to include the date, time, and even the expected venue. 


  • What Is The Difference between a Meeting Minutes and a Transcript?

      Although these two are close. However, a meeting minute is a summary of a transcript. A transcript may end up confusing the board of trustees as it is longer and complete. Hence, a meeting minute is the best tool to keep a record for any proceedings within the meeting.

  • How Do I Make Sure that My Meeting Minutes Are Unbiased and Accurate?

      What you can do is to make use of an online professional transcription service.  What it does is that it converts speech into an electronic text document.

  • What Is The Difference between a Meeting Minutes and a Transcript?

      Although these are kind of similar, the difference is that a meeting minute is a summary of a transcript. A transcript is a more detailed report of what took place during a meeting. If you want to easily summarize what took place during a meeting, then a meeting minute is what you should go for. 

  • What Not to Include in a Meeting Minutes?

      The following things are what you shouldn't do when making a meeting minutes:

      1. Don't go into too much detail.
      2. Don't include personal opinions when making it.
      3. Don't praise or criticize anyone in the meeting minutes
      4. Don't go things in a roundabout way, keep things as direct as possible.