Forgetting deadlines, not just one but multiple tasks? Unable to complete tasks on time? Commit these mistakes no more! Monitor the progress of your It and software project, identify your next steps, and be aware of the potential challenges you may encounter along the way by creating a timeline. Track and schedule your duties to highlight progress and completion status. Do not worry, you need not create them from scratch. Here at, we have created special IT Timelines. Access them in Microsoft Word(DOC), Apple(MAC) Pages, and Google Docs with customized page layouts. Develop your IT department's productivity manifolds with this very organized and useful management and planning tool! Hurry. 

What is an IT and Software Timeline?

An IT and Software timeline is a Project management tool that displays critical milestones of specific activities along with their starting and end periods in a timeline. It gives a visual presentation and an easy to track flow of a Project or activity.

How to Create an IT and Software Timeline

1. Choose an IT and Software Project and Gather Information About It

Give your IT and software project a title. It will be the focus of the timeline. Know the project deliverables. Plan how they will go efficiently.

2. Create a List of IT and Software Tasks or Events

From the information, you gathered about your chosen IT and software project, begin making a Checklist of the possible events that the project will cover from its initiation to its completion. Do not put too many nor too few events on the timeline. Just include events that will shape the project.

3. Select the Time Increments

Create the ideal span of time each IT and software Event or task can be carried out. It should fit the overall time duration allotted for the project. Know the best preferable time increment for accomplishing the project deliverables. Make all the time increments in even intervals.

4. Congregate All the Details on the Timeline

Obtaining a timeline template or creating one, Schedule all the timeline details you have compiled earlier to their designated posts on the timeline. Add customizations to the details to clearly present the process flow of events or tasks on the project timeline.

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