A small detail as it may seem, your company letterhead can impact the visibility and marketing of your company. Our IT/Software Letterhead Templates are here to help you during your designing process. Our ready-made templates are complete with illustrations and designs that you can use for your official IT/Software company papers, envelopes, letters, etc. These templates are also easily editable, so you will no longer need to worry about inserting your company logo, using your preferred colors and font, and so on. With our templates at your disposal, you can establish your identity and credibility in the most aesthetically pleasing way. Make use of our amazing templates in Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word(DOC), Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, Google Docs, or Apple(MAC) Pages and create the best IT letterhead in town today!

How to Create an IT/Software Letterhead?

it and software letterhead template

According to the Wisconsin Historical Society, the universal purpose of custom-designed letterheads two centuries ago was to proclaim who was writing a letter. In this day and age, letterheads are still used for the same purpose and even for Marketing. For your IT/Software Company to leave a mark in every written correspondence, you should have a well-designed letterhead highlighting your brand.

We have provided some tips and tricks you can refer to when creating your company letterhead.

1. Establish the Basics First

Determine the following first: software to use, paper size, and your desired layout. For simple letterhead designs, you can either use Microsoft Word or Apple Pages; meanwhile, InDesign, Illustrator, or Photoshop offer more designing flexibility. Set up your page to US Letter size since it is the commonly used sized in the country. Establishing these basics will surely help make your designing process easier.

2. Consider Your Audience

Who is your audience? Although you have a voice or tone in your communication, it is important to consider your audience in your design. This factor will rely on who your target market is; if your IT Business radiates towards more corporate customers, then it is better to use a minimal design, and vice versa.

3. Incorporate Your Brand

Remember that your letterhead also functions as a Business Card. Hence, the importance of incorporating your brand in its design. You should include your company logo, company color, and font along with your company's pertinent information. Treat your letterhead as an extension of your brand identity.

4. Create a Uniformed Stationery Set

A bonus tip is to create a uniformed Stationery Set for your company; this means that any forms of written communication used by your company should have similar designs and styles. Your company letterhead should complement your company envelopes, letters, business cards; thus, you should determine a theme and stick with it.

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