How to Create an IT/SW Poster?

it and software poster template

Posters are proven to be effective promotional materials. In fact, posters have been around for over 220 years. Hence, using a poster to promote your Software Business, developed software or IT product, IT/SW research, etc. is still a good way to go even in the digital age.

A few tips and tricks on how to create the best poster for IT/software purposes are provided below.

1. Pay Attention to the KISS Principle

Keep It Short and Simple—this principle applies to posters, too like IT Flyers. The content and design for your posters should be short, direct, and complete. Every element of the poster should support its primary purpose to avoid jampacking the poster with unnecessary details.

2. Size Matters

Similar to a flyer, the size of your poster should always be a priority when designing. Smaller posters are better for compact spaces, and bigger posters for wider and more crowded locations. Always consider the location of your audience relative to your poster.

3. Appropriate Typeface Only

Always choose a typeface that is easily readable and understandable, whether near or far. You can convey the feel of your poster by using the most appropriate typeface. Moreover, it is best to only use three types of font and three different font sizes.

4. Apply Color Psychology

Colors affect how your audience reacts to a poster. Hence, it is important to know what colors are best to use to convey the purpose of your poster. Also, when using vibrant colors, you should be mindful of what colors to use next to balance it all out.

5. Balance the Illustrations with White Space

A crowded poster is a bad poster. Like in an IT Brochure, only use illustrations that help further drive your point. And as much as possible, leave some white space in your poster to make it more readable.

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