IT and Software Estimate Templates

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Information technology and software companies specialize in software development and digital programming for their clients’ operating systems and communication. Software engineers who are responsible for such development projects have many uncertainties to consider that need to be dealt with even before they present themselves. One of our missions is to help these engineers in predicting those reservations using estimation. Our collection of IT and Software Estimate Templates are made available for them in Excel, Numbers, MS Word, Google Docs, and Apple Pages file formats. Aside from being professionally written, 100% customizable, and printable, they cover all aspects, such as in project budget estimating, cost estimating, and others. Find out more by subscribing to our plan today!

How to Create an IT and Software Estimate?

it and software estimate template

IT and software estimates are documents that software engineers create to outline the predicted quantities and figures of their projects’ resources, times, labors, and costs. In Mutually Humans’s “Why You Should Do Software Estimates,” they have also been considered as a great identifier of software engineering tools and complications, depending on the density of their outcomes.

It is not every day that we can hear the word “estimate”. That is why it is no longer surprising to know that some professionals do not know how to create one. If you are one of these professionals who struggles in making an estimate for your IT and software company’s undertakings, then consider yourself lucky to be here. This is because you will be guided thoroughly in getting your task done through the list of steps and insights that we have provided below.

1. Describe the Purposes

There are many aspects of a project that you can make estimates about. As mentioned above, it can be in the matter of resources, times, labors, and costs. As the designated writer, your first task is to determine and detail which of these project angles you will be working on.

2. Identify the Estimate Items

Resources, times, labors, and costs can be broken down into a list of items. The next step is to find out what these items are and then to tabulate them in an organized manner.

3. Set Projections

In this step, you have to be realistic. Set your predictions on each of the identified items according to your project necessities and for actual product and service prices and procedural time.  

4. Add Up the Predictions

Most clients or executives who request for estimates would just skim the documents. And, the most important point that they will be needing is the total of your projections. With that, it is needless to say why this step is essential in creating the estimate of your project.

5. Arrange Payment Terms

With the overall figure presented, you have to settle with your clients or your company how you can obtain the fundings for you to start acquiring the necessities you have tallied beforehand. Make it formal by inviting your clients or your company executives for a meeting.

6. Exchange Contact Info

Before going on separate ways with your clients or your company executives, you have to give out your contact information. In the same way, you have to ask for their contact information too. This is so you can easily contact each other in case necessary alterations must be made.


  • What Is the Difference Between an Estimate and a Quote?

      An estimate deals with the approximate of particular things, while the quote covers exact amounts and quantities.

  • What Are the Software Estimation Techniques?

      1. Ad Hoc Method
      2. Work Breakdown Structure
      3. Percentage Distribution
      4. 3-Point Software Testing Estimation
      5. Use – Case Point Method
      6. Wideband Delphi Technique
      7. Function Point/Testing Point Analysis

  • Why Are Software Estimate Important?

      Software estimates are important because they help draw independent conclusions, allow teams to create adjustments, and assist in managing apprehensions.

  • Are There Estimating Software Products for Software Development?

      Yes, there are. Some of the known software products for this purpose are AFCAA REVIC, Seer for Software, SLIM, and TruePlanning.

  • What Are the Advantages of Making a Software Estimate?

      1. Estimates help in the early discovery of complications.
      2. Estimates help prepare software in commencing projects.
      3. Allows software engineers to troubleshoot issues before the project starts.