In the IT and software industry, it is common for clients to request for a quotation, especially for a software development project. It is crucial to get your quotations ready, or you will let slip your precious sales. Hence, to avoid this from happening, here are our IT and Software Quotation Templates to save your day. They are readily editable and customizable, depending on your specific needs. They are available in various file formats like Microsoft Word(DOC), Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Apple(MAC) Numbers, and Apple(MAC) Pages, so you need not worry about their compatibility with your device. So, get your hands on any of our templates today and generate more sales!

What is IT and Software Quotation?

As per Business Dictionary, a quotation is a formal document presenting the list of services requested by a potential client along with their respective price estimates, terms of sale and payment, and warranties. It is usually a response to a request for a quotation and must not be confused with an Invoice. Furthermore, the amount and quantity may be subject to changes when agreed by both parties.

How to Create an IT and Software Quotation

A quotation serves as your company's proposal to a client. Hence, ensure to create one that will lead to client acceptance following the simple steps below:

1. Ensure to Address the Request of Your Client

It would be best if you specifically answer the demands of the client. For example, if the client wanted to have Management Software, you must list the applications, tools, and other services related to the needs of the client. However, you may also provide suggestions and alternatives if you believe it is perfect for the client’s needs.

2. Add Various Modes of Payment

Let the client choose his preferred payment method. You must indicate in your project quotation template that you will accept various modes of payment, such as debit or credit cards, checks, bank transfers, and cash. This will provide the client with an easy way to pay for your services, hence a higher chance of acceptance of the quotation.

3. Do Not Forget the Terms of Sale and Payment

Make sure that you let the client know regarding the terms and conditions of your services before the commencement of the project to prevent future disputes and conflicts. This will also make things clear regarding the payment terms and scope of services.

4. Keep the Format Organized and Presentable

You should keep your format and design minimal and professional, as this is a formal document that will surely have an impact on your company’s branding. If you have other Business Document templates, such as an invoice template, you may design the quotation similarly to have brand consistency.

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