Developing software is a huge and great responsibility in itself. It is hardly expected that an IT genius will have time or expertise to create Legal Agreements. Writing these documents need a lot of focus because you’d be putting your business at risk if you failed to write a comprehensive one. The best idea, in this case, would be to equip yourself with our Ready-Made IT/Software Agreement Templates. Take advantage of the sample editable content provided in each template. Save the file on your device in Word, Pages, or Google Docs format. Download now and securely close a business deal! 

How to Write an IT/Software Agreement?

it and software agreement template

An IT/Software Agreement as a legally-binding document entered into by the company and a user of a software or IT services. It binds both parties and protects them against future legal disputes. Non-disclosure agreement (NDA), service level agreement, and confidentiality agreement—these are just a few of the agreements you will encounter in Business. According to The Balance Small Business, approximately 70% of business partnership fails. And one of the reasons why is the lack of commitment among the parties involved. Having a Document with a binding force will ensure that both parties will support and be committed to the partnership.

Write an IT/Software agreement with a binding character by following some tips which we shared below.

1. Identify the Parties

Identifying the parties will make you aware of who are the authorized person, natural or juridical, to carry out any provisions stipulated in the legal agreement. When you write the names of the parties, be sure that these are their real and registered names.

2. Describe the Duties and Responsibilities

The reason for this is to know what to expect from both parties. Moreover, it will determine the consequences for the party who is unable to perform the expected duties and responsibilities stipulated in the agreement between two parties.

3. Include Payment Terms and Milestones

Time and money are both important elements in the agreement. When you enter a business partnership, you want to know the time and money that the parties will be contributing to.

4. Include a Termination or Expulsion Clause

This one is an important part of the agreement. You have to stipulate the process of how one party can terminate the Contract.

5. Let the Parties Sign the Agreement

No matter what type of IT/Software agreement that is, whether it’s a custom software Development, end-user, or whatever, don’t forget to let all the parties sign it.

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