Does your company provide a service for online cloud storage? What about selling antivirus software? Whatever your IT/software-based offers might be, it’s hard to get people interested in them if you don’t utilize a fair bit of marketing and advertising. With that being said, a brochure can be an effective contribution when needing to promote your brand. Whether it’s bifold, trifold, or gatefold, brochures contain a compact layout for containing plenty of details about your offers. And, to save you some time and hassle, we’ve assembled a set of professional IT/Software Brochure Templates for you to download! Set up a foldable pamphlet in near-instance with our easily editable samples; compatible with a variety of editing formats like Microsoft Word(DOC), Illustrator, Indesign, Adobe Photoshop, and Pages. What's more? They are all printable in A4 and US letter sizes. Download today--incorporate our original content into promoting your software products and services!

How to Create IT/Software Brochures?

it and software brochure template

From word processors to streaming apps, computer and software technology is at the forefront of innovation and development. So, to help you promote your own IT products/services, why not consider using a brochure!

As explained in an article from; similar to a flyer, a brochure is a type of affordable foldable advertising handout that offers a compact yet spacious layout for promotional content. Not sure how you can take advantage of this material? No problem--just have a look at our quick and easy tips just below!

1. Create the Foundation for Your Brochure

Open a new document/template in your chosen editing software and get started on making a base to work off of. For the layout, you’ll want to go with a landscape format; create a margin around the border of your layout for the print bleed. And then, depending on how many pages you want, plan out two or more sections for the folds of your brochure.

2. Base the Brochure’s Visuals Around Your Promotion

Now that you have a proper base layout for your pamphlet, you then need to pick the illustrations/imagery to use in customizing your brochure. Artwork with simple coloring and a geometric design goes really well with a theme about computers and Software. You can also opt to add professional photos of computer technology into your content. Go ahead and get creative by experimenting with the arrangement of your visuals to see what works!

3. Use a Silver Tongue in Your Writing

When it comes to making your Marketing material leave a good impression on readers, it takes more than just having well-structured sentences. To really get your target audience interested, apply some contextually witty taglines and dialog to your written content! And, if you’re not confident in your writing skills, then a thesaurus and other related resources can come in really handy.

4. Never Forget to Review Your Work!

With your brochure design nearly ready for distribution, it’s important that you make sure its contents are looking shipshape. So, doublecheck everything in your document and do test prints before handing out your brochures.

Instantly prepare a handout or tabletop display by utilizing our Ready-Made IT/Software Brochure Templates!

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