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How to Create a Pizza Flyer in Microsoft Word

Running a pizza business may sound easy considering the fact that about three billion of them are sold in the United States every year alone, but it can be quite the challenge. With so many distributors, you'll need to step up your game in standing out among the other pizza businesses.

Flyers disseminate information at a glance, and its an excellent way to get your audience's attention in selling your product. You may even check the other food flyer templates for inspiration. To make a memorable pizza flyer, here are some tips and suggestions to consider.

1. Add An Eye-Catching Slogan

When advertising through flyers, it is a great help to add a catchy slogan or tagline that promotes your pizza business. Pick the right words that roll right with the tongue and gets stuck in people's heads. It's one marketing strategy where you get a hold of your potential customer's attention. They'll eventually end up trying out your pizza and other products. Best case scenario, the bring their friends and family along!

2. Add Delicious Images

It is a given, add a pizza graphic on your flyer! Since pizza is a universally beloved dish, its quite easy to catch a person's attention with just the image of it. Adding images of even a slice can entice your audience to go to your pizza parlor. Be sure it doesn't take up a lot of space, in order to add relevant information about your business. Otherwise, you just handed them a photo of a pizza with some words.

3. Put a Call to Action

Sometimes you got to tell your reader what you want them to do. Similar to invitations, you can place in a text, enticing your audience to come to your place of business, and buy your products. A quick short line like 'Get Them Now!' or just 'Dig In!" can have an effect on them. Make these call to actions in attractive or bright font as, just so your potential customers won't read past it. You can go for a little twist, and design your flyer like a pizza party invitation.

4. Two Tasks in One Go

Another way to make your flyer more notable is to make them a minimalist version of your pizza menu. Have the flyer with your signature pizza, its costs and the other deals it entails. This will give your reader an idea of what they could order from you. You've already promoted your business and essentially handed them a quick glance at your restaurant menu, fulfilling two takas in one go!

5. Review, Print, and Distribute

Before you can print out those lovely flyers, take a closer look at your flyer first. Is there a typo in the text? Are the words and the graphics spaced evenly? Is the pizza icon in the correct spot? You have to make sure that your flyer is easy to read, can deliver the information you want to give at a simple glance and not too wordy that your readers take time to look through. When that is all settled and corrected, you can hit the printer and distribute it.

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