6 Sample Bubble Chart Templates to Representing Your Data

One of the most unique and novel ways of representing data on a chart is with the bubbles. In this widely used system, the size of the bubbles will represent the magnitude of the parameter that these bubbles represent. This is also a very accurate and one of the most precise means of representing data by means of a chart.

A sample bubble chart, therefore, is a chart template that is drawn out with the data or a parameter to be measured made into bubbles of variable sizes.Free Bubble charts have been used for a long time now to accurately estimate parameters and their measures.

Blank Chart Templates

Wedding Seating Chart Templates

Gazel Bubble Chart Template

Conditional Colors in an Excel Bubble Chart Template

Free Bubble Graph Chart Template

Sales and Advertisement Bubble Chart

Financial Value Bubble Chart Template

Changing the Look of the Charts Template


What does a Bubble Chart Template consist of?

A bubble chart template is designed based on the project’s necessity. Before you download one of the sample bubble chart templates that we have got for free, you should know what a bubble chart such as that is usually made up of. Here are all the components of a bubble chart template listed out.

  • All the parameters of the chart that are being measured are listed out.
  • Bubbles are made and a chart is made with one parameter that is to be measured against the other parameter.

How to Create and Configure a Bubble Chart Template

Present your data in a Bubble Chart Template

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by Zoe Kazan

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