15+ Word Metric Conversion Chart Templates Free Download

With the omnipresence of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel in personal and business computing today, both programs are being extensively used for the purpose of calculation and computation. These programs offer a variety of powerful mathematical functions and utilities for use. Word 2010, in particular has greatly enhanced capabilities for calculation and conversion. You may also see Metric Conversion Chart Template

Metric Conversion Chart Templates – Why Need Them?

There is a certain learning curve involved in understanding how these functions can be invoked in Word and Excel in order to consistently obtain accurate results. This is where the many free templates for Word available on the web turn out to be of great help – to minimize work and save learning time. Such downloadable templates help to reduce the time taken to implement the relevant calculation or conversion. One critical function for which templates are available is Metric conversion. You may also see Height Weight Chart Template

What are They Like? Are There Many?

Metric conversion chart templates are available in multiple formats including word format, pdf and excel for free download. Some templates are ‘Refer-to’ in nature, meaning that they list the conversions in a “Multiply by” format. Other templates are in “conversion table” format whereby specific values are listed in 1 column and specific converted values are listed in another. Another interesting template in MS Word is designed to be printed out for use whereby the conversion logic is indicated in one section; The observations are to be first noted in 1 column and the calculated values then entered in another. You may also see Sample Chart Templates On the other hand, Excel templates are generally in the form whereby the “Multiply by” formulae are embedded into the template sheet; One has to only enter the specific number and the converted value shows up in another. One more interesting variation seen is where there is a simple application is created and made available for download; these applications somewhat resemble the built in Windows Calculator function in terms of look and feel. You may also see Chart Templates

Metric Conversion Chart for Kids in MicroSoft Word Format

metric conversion chart for kids


metric conversion chart templates

Metric Conversion Chart Length Word File

metric conversion chart length


Word Format Cooking Measurement Conversion Chart

cooking measurement conversion chart


Cup Metric Conversion Chart Word File Free Download

cup metric conversion


Chemistry Metric Conversion Chart MS Word Free Download

chemistry metric conversion


Word Format English to Metric Conversion Chart

english to metric conversion


Imperial to Metric Conversion Chat Word Template

imperial to metric conversion


Inch to Metric Conversion Chart Template Word Download

inch to metric conversion


Liquid Metric Conversion Chart Word Template Free Download

liquid metric conversion


Length Metric Conversion Chart Word File Download

length metric conversion


Learning Metric Conversion Word Format

learning metric conversion


Nursing Metric Conversion Chart Free Word Format

nursing metric conversion chart


Metric Conversion Weight Chart Word Format

metric conversion weight


Units Conversion Chart Table Word File

units conversion table


Measurement and Conversion Chart Word File

measurement and conversion


Which One is Right for Me?

Given that there are so many word document templates around, which one do you choose? Templates in “Metric Conversion table” format are the easiest to look up values from. Such templates would be the best choice if the input value to be converted is a standard value like 0.5 km or 4 km for example. Such templates would not be a good choice while handling minutely defined decimal numbers like 4.33 km, for example. “Multiply by” Microsoft word doc templates are the best choice when handling decimal values since they are offer a generic multiply-by method. “Print out and use” templates offer an interesting alternative for situations where a large number of values, say 20 in sequence, are to be noted down in the field. A classic example is when surveyors go to an area to completely observe and note down various dimensions related to the area.

Do’s and Don’ts While Using Metric Conversion Chart Templates

  • While using “conversion table” Word File Templates, it is easy to look up the wrong value. This is a very common error and needs to be watched out for.
  • In “Multiply by” templates, one common error is to note the factor on word template incorrectly. This also needs to be avoided.
  • Before using the template for multiple calculations, it is always better to do some sample metric conversion calculator. Occasionally, there may be wrong values on templates and such calculations would help expose them.