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Charts are much-preferred solution when one has to compare & analyze some data. Yes, people use lengthy textual paragraphs for elaborate explanations but the busy world today demands a faster & more convenient understanding. Thus, chart templates sample are a winner here over plain text as the former presents the data in an easier visual format which is always faster to grasp instantly. You will find chart templates for a variety of charts like flowchart, Gantt chart, pie chart and so on.

> Organizational Chart Template


When it comes to explaining the internal structure of a company, an organizational chart template example is the best solution. These charts clearly specify the ranks and responsibilities of each of the staff of the firm- however; such charts are used to explain the company as a whole or one of its particular divisions.[9+ Organizational Chart Templates]

> Flow Chart Template


When you have to show the different steps involved in a whole process or a project in a sequential manner, a flow chart template example is the thing for you. It comes up with all the steps mentioned within individual boxes on the chart which are linked with arrows to explain the sequence.[15+ Flow Chart Templates]

> Gantt Chart Template


When your team undertakes a project, you have to follow a Gantt chart template format – that will display the various tasks needed to complete the project and also the deadline for each assignment. The chart helps to maintain order throughout the project and enabled you to track the progress of the project at a glance.[9+ Gantt Chart Templates]

> Seating Chart Template


A seating chart template sample helps you to note down the seating arrangement of people (read guests) at an event, especially wedding reception. This way you will have an organized idea on who would be sitting where and will also help you to ensure that everybody gets a comfortable placement, next to familiar faces.[11+ Seating Chart Templates]

> Chore Chart Template


A chore chart template format clearly defines the activities to be completed every day of the week. It would also include the events to be attended, if any. The chore charts could be simply for adults or kids or for the entire family- where you can assign names of the family members next to each task.[12+ Chore Chart Templates]

> Unit Circle Chart


A unit circle chart sample is an important trigonometric tool which helps one to remember special angles & their very trigonometric functions. Unit circle is drawn with center at origin of graph (0,0) where x axis & y axis would cross – and the circle also comes with radius of 1.[10+ Unit Circle Chart Templates]

> Wedding Seating Chart Template


A wedding seating chart template format clearly specifies where each of the guests would be seated at your reception venue. The general rule is to seat the guests amidst familiar faces and with people of same age and interests. You should make sure not to mix your colleagues with your family members.[11+ Wedding Seating Chart Templates]

> T Chart Template


A t chart template sample is a useful comparison chart that is especially designed to compare between two sets of ideas so that you get a holistic view on a stuff. The comparison could be on pros and cons of a particular aspect or a story character. These charts are used by school students.[13+ T Chart Templates]

> Behavior Chart Template


A behavior chart template example specifies the typical dos and don’ts that you want your child to learn to develop his or her social skills. Such charts help to develop the sense of right and wrong in the little ones from an early age so that they can grow up into matured human beings in life.[12+ Behavior Chart Templates]

> Comparison Chart Template


A comparison chart template format, literally, helps to undertake a comparative study on a set of two or multiple objects or ideas. The comparative study further helps a person to take an informed decision by considering all options. Comparison charts are many and varied, including pie charts, bar charts, line charts etc.[13+ Comparison Chart Templates]

> Classroom Seating Chart Template


A classroom seating chart template sample enables the class-teacher to have a clear idea on the placement of students inside the classroom at a glance. The seating chart can be maintained in alphabetical order or as per specific preference of the teacher- keeping in mind special needs of some students or as an effort to prevent disruption in the classroom.[10+ Classroom Seating Chart Templates]

> Process Flow Chart Template


A process flow chart template example states the different activities involved in a particular project which in turn helps you to understand how the process began, progressed and concluded. In this case, you will have the steps cited in separate boxes that are arranged in a sequential manner and connected with arrows to show the link.[12+ Process Flow Chart Templates]

> Pert Chart Template


Originally developed by US Navy, PERT (Program Evaluation Review Technique) charts are used in businesses as well. A pert chart template sample will help one to coordinate, schedule & organize the different tasks involved in a project. It’s mostly used for those projects where time is the most important factor over cost.[9+ Pert Chart Templates]

> Reward Chart Template


A reward chart template sample is a smart way to motivate kids in doing the rightful things and discourage them from the wrong actions. These charts feature amusing tokens or stickers which can be redeemed by the little one for a reward whenever he completes his task & obeys the rules.[13+ Reward Chart Templates]

> Pedigree Chart Template


Pedigree chart template format illustrates the appearance or occurrence of some specific gene/organism & its ancestry. The parents are linked by horizontal line & vertical line connects them to offspring. Besides, the offspring would be further linked with sibship horizontal line. The twin offspring would be linked by triangle & a little triangle represents a still born offspring.[9+ Pedigree Chart Templates]

> Football Depth Chart Template


A football depth chart template format features the position of starting footballers & secondary footballers in a football team. A very useful tool for the team manager, this chart also shows the position of players on the field. The usual rule is to place starting player right on top of the chart.[13+ Football Depth Chart Templates]

A table seating chart template example will offer you a complete idea on the seating arrangement of your guests at each of the tables at the event venue. The visual data representation by the chart will help you to understand the entire arrangement at a glance so that you can make necessary changes quickly, if needed.[14+ Table Seating Chart Templates]

> Pie Chart Template


A pie chart template format is commonly used in mass media and business. Here you get a circular graph divided into different slices – and each of them stands for the numerical proportion of the different aspects or elements under a comparative study. For example, in business these charts are used to show reach of a certain product in different markets.[10+ Pie Chart Templates

> Weekly Chore Chart Template


If you are having a hard time in managing your weekly chores, a weekly chore chart template example would help you to stay alert and keep track on the completion of the needed tasks. The chart will offer a visual idea on the tasks to be completed each day of the week so that you don’t forget.[11+ Weekly Chore Chart Templates]

> Medication Chart Template


A medication chart template sample must be followed for every patient as it provides a convenient data on the different medicines to be taken as well as the time of consumption. As one will have the entire medication picture before him, it will eliminate the risks of mistakenly skipping out on the prescribed dosage.[11+ Medication Chart Templates]

> Family Chore Chart Template


A family chore chart template example helps the entire family to understand which tasks would be performed by each of the family members. It would include tasks for both the adults and kids and will ensure that each member has track on his or her specified assignment. Most of these charts will allow you to place the name of family members beside the designated chores.[13+ Family Chore Chart Templates]

> Goal Chart Template


It is usual to lose track of the goal if you don’t have it in a written format before you. The goal chart template sample will enable you to jot down all your future goals in every aspect of life and it would act as a constant reminder and motivator for you- to work towards these set goals.[9+ Goal Chart Templates]

> Waterfall Chart Template


A waterfall chart template sample offers the visual data on how initial value is influenced or affected with the introduction of some intermediate positive / negative values. The initial & final values here would be characterized by the whole columns & floating columns would indicate intermediate values. Color coding is used to distinguish between negative and positive values.[9+ Waterfall Chart Templates]

> PowerPoint Chart Templates


Charts are a useful element in any PPT presentation. The visual data presentation quotient of the PowerPoint chart templates make the information more legible and faster to understand to the audience- especially when it comes to comparison analysis. A PPT presentation can choose from a wide range of charts such as pie charts, bar charts, stock charts etc.[11+ PowerPoint Chart Templates]

> Patient Chart Template


A patient chart template sample would display the treatment plan or history of a patient, including notes on the therapies or medicines prescribed to him. It helps the doctors to have a grasp on the patient’s medical history and current health status at a glance- and allow them to take informed treatment plans based on the chart report.[10+ Patient Chart Templates]

> Responsibility Chart Template


A responsibility chart template example shows which team members are responsible for performing each of the steps or tasks involved in a particular project. It enables individual team members to understand what is expected of him or her in completing the project. The chart will also show who will assist each of the performers.[11+ Responsibility Chart Templates]

> Medical Chart Template


A medical chart template sample shows the complete medical history of a patient. It will include his height, weight, BP, age as well as the treatment or drugs that he is under. The chart will also underline the tests and surgeries (if any) taken by the patient and their reports.[10+ Medical Chart Templates]

> Timeline Chart Template


A timeline chart template format basically displays a series of events in a particular context in chronological manner. It could mean foreign invasion faced by a country over decades or the inception and growth of an iconic over the years. The timeline charts are widely used by students, especially for their social science projects.[9+ Timeline Chart Templates]

> BMI Chart Template


A BMI Chart Template sample helps a person to understand whether he is of normal weight or need to worry about for being over/underweight. The chart comes with color-coding design that shows what would be the ideal body fat level for each person based on the weight, in tune with his or her height.[13+ BMI Chart Templates]

> Weight Loss Chart Template


Are you working hard to lose weight? Well, that’s great and you can make the process more effective by taking to a weight loss chart template sample here. Such a chart will document your weight each week so that you can check how much you have reduce and at what rate over time- since the start of your weight loss routine.[8+ Weight Loss Chart Templates]

> Blood Pressure Chart


A normal BP (120 up & 80 low) is essential to ensure a risk-free health. Thus, you need Blood pressure chart sample to track and chart your BP with after specific intervals to check whether you are within the limit or have crossed it. Thus, it would be easier to make changes in your lifestyle or eating habits on time to normalize the BP- if there is any discrepancy.[11+ Blood Pressure Chart Templates]

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