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Top 75 Fonts of 2023 Which Will Add Life to Your Content!

According to a research, having a good content in the website is not enough. It must be served with the appropriate font so that the readers take the interest in the content. A good font helps the website to make it look beautiful and worth an appeal. There are so many of them available online for premium and free. Although most of them you get for free for personal usage only. Through this post, we bring you the most exotic Top 75 fonts of 2016 which will add life to your content! You can also see Free Fonts.

Bulletto Killa font will remind you of bullets ,bikes and rugged denim stores. This font is same as it sounds. Very stylish font with beautiful curves attached to it. It has lovely uppercase and the alphabets are kind of curvy which makes it worth the look it carries.

Free Font: Santa Rosa

free font santa rosa

Santa Rosa is a creative font designed by Jon Swinn. This font is free to download and gives a vibrant look to the content applied.

Golden Sans

golden sans

Golden Sans is the latest font which is vibrant and comes with its family. It is designed by the Sascha Timplan and Lukas Bischoff. If you are looking for a decent font this one comes with a package.

Coves – Free Font

coves free font

Coves is designed by Jack Harvatt and it is a beautiful glyph free font. It is free for personal use only. You have to buy the license if you are willing to go commercial.



Rodchenko is a colorful font designed by Tagir Safayev. Rodchenko consists of whole font family which looks fresh. It has got options you can alter and choose from.

Font Gotham

font gotham

Gotham font family has got eight different fonts. All of the eight fonts are unique and well deserved to be applied on different types of fonts.

vLetter Axl Font

vletter axl font

This is a font of Axel Rodriguez. This is a handwriting font. You can download this font clicking on the link below.

Arkana – Free Font

arkana %e2%80%93 free font

Arkana will beautify everything where it is applied. This is a beautiful script best suited for logo, headings, book covers, titles etc.

vLetter Jurgenp Font

vletter jurgenp font

vLetter Jurgenp Font is the another handwritten font. It consists of Dr Jurgen Pagong. He is a researcher at the University of the Phillippines Dillman.

Dosis Font Family

dosis font family

Dosis is a font family designed by Pablo Impallari. This family has light style and extended latin characters. It has got 7 weights which are worth the download.


frinco free font

Frinco is a free font and it is available only in uppercase. It is a San Serif font and designed by Ryan Pyae. it is free for personal and commercial use.

Broken Wings

broken wings

Broken wing is an uppercase font. It consists of big and small caps and numbers. It has got characters and can be used for personal and commercial use for free.

Phoca Font

phoca font

It is a Joomla font component. By using this font one can also access Google Font directory. Download this font of you work on Joomla themes.

Awesome South Korea

awesome south korea

Awesome South Korea is designed by Adien Gunarta. This font can be used on restaurants specialising in Korean food. The character map is worth a watch and tempting enough to download the font.



Jonquilles is a lively font designed by dcoxy. It has got uppercase and lowercase both. It is free for personal usage but one need to buy the license for commercial use.



Marguerite is a font bought from fairy details and consists of uppercase characters, alternates, lowercase characters and ligatures. It is best suited for signatures, logos, badges, signage etc

Waltograph Disney

waltograph disney

Waltograph Disney is designed by Justin Callaghan. This font is inspired by Disney and it consists of uppercase, numerals and characters. It is free for personal use only.


courier prime code

Courier prime code is a simple font which is free to download. It has uppercase, lowercase and numerals.

Orange Juice

orange juice

Orange Juice is designed by Brittney Murphy. This font will remind you of comic books. This vintage font can be used for personal use for free and it is best suited for headings, book covers, posters etc.

Mena Brush Script

mena brush script

Mena Brush Script is hand made brush script which has a bouncy baseline. This unique font can be applied in all sorts of designs like quotes, posters, invitation etc.

Maximum Strength

maximum strength

Maximum strength is created by Images. This font has got only upper cases with numerals. This font is free for personal use, if going commercial you need to buy the licence.


resphekt free font

Resphect is slightly textured font which is similar to the cursive writing. It gives a sense a pinch of vintage style. It is free for personal and commercial use. You can contribute to the author if you want.

Inflecto Font


Inflecto font is specially designed for big headings. It is designed by Mark White. This attractive font is free for personal and commercial projects.

Jaapokki – Free Font


Jaapokki is free font projected by Mikko Nuuttila. It has got a beautiful set of alphabets and the large set of glyphs. Download this beautiful font by clicking on the link below.

Southern Aire

southern aire

Southern Aire is designed by Måns Grebäck. This font has got beautiful curls which are available in uppercase , lowercase and numerals.

ILostItInTheStreet Font


Adorabelle Script

adorabelle script

Black Larch

black larch

Tagliatelle Font

tagliatelle font

The Blooming Elegant Font Trio

the blooming elegant font trio

Bubble Bash

bubble bash font

LineTechInn Line Icon Font

linetechinn line icon font

Madina Script

madina script

Young Heart

young heart font


inkheart font



korto font

La Citadelle Des Papillons

la citadelle des papillons font

Gang Graffiti

gang graffiti font

Laqonic 4F

laqonic 4f

Coop Blackletter

coop blackletter


calaboose font

Ribeye Pro

ribeye pro font

Scratch That

scratch fonts

Mondeen Minifont

mondeen minifont download

Sacred Geometry Font

sacred geometry font

Little Cecily

little cecily

Scrawny Cat

dk scrawny cat

Grafton Titling

grafton titling font


fusione font

Font – Feelter Typeface

monday march 7th font feelter typeface

Font – Cold Brew

tuesday march 8th font cold brew

Picket Fence

picket fence font


tuesday march 1st font atocha

Brim Combined

wednesday font 2nd march brim combined

Cover Sans

thursday font march 3rd cover sans


friday font march 4th tavolga


saturday 5th march font sungent


wowangle brush script font ttf logo font download

Typeface Bigfish Free Font

typeface bigfish free font

Hometown Family

hometown family

Black Diamond Brush Font

black diamond brush font

FLORVA Typeface

florva typeface

Bold Face Typeface Free

bold face typeface free

The Sectione Bright Script

the sectione bright script

Okomito Typeface Font

okomito typeface font

Wolf Reality Typeface

wolf reality typeface

Quish Typeface

quish typeface

These fonts are the trending fonts of 2016. They are unique and packaged with the varieties. You can apply any of them according to your design requirements. The fonts listed above are different to each other and can be used in logos, website, headings, book covers etc. choose the right one for you! See this Cool Fonts.

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