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9+ Flower Border Templates

Flowers bring color and vibrancy to our world. Their undeniable fragrance and beauty contributes to the beauty of creation. Aside from being inherently beautiful, they are also be use as elements of a design. In the world of designs and styles, flowers are favored in term of border templates. It can complement and elevate your designs in a positive and creative way.

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To save you from the hassles of making your own border design, you can download our templates floral border templates. There are various designs in store for you on our website. In line with this, feel free to check out and download our templates. Aside from our pretty and classy flower borders, we also have Paper Flower Templates you could check out.

Flower Page Border Template


Rose Flower Border Template


Printable Flower Border Template


Black and White Flower Border Template


Simple Flower Border Template



Easy-to-Download Flower Borders

The diversity of flowers all around the world is overwhelming. This is a good thing because it can bring forth a variety of border styles and other floral patterns, but there are also techniques and strategies adopted by designers to enrich the innate beauty of floral designs. Here are some of them:

  • The right choice of flower. As you can see from our templates, there are various types of flowers such as roses and sakura flowers. Choosing the right flower in your border design is material because every flower also have a story to tell. They have their own innate meanings and connotations. Choose the one that will elevate more your design.
  • The right color scheme. The colors must not overshadow the main focus of the concept of idea. Borders are usually use to support the entire concept of the work and not the contrary.
  • Use them to match a specified event. Flowers are used in various events such as birthdays, weddings, debuts, christening, engagement parties, funerals, and the like. There are certain flowers that are appropriate and would coincide with the perfect event.

These are just some of the factors to take into account. You can have your own along the way. They are just the general rules, but no one is stopping you from making an exception. You can also check out our Holiday Border Templates.

Sakura Flower Border Template


Antique Flower Border Template


Spring Flower Border Template


Flower Border Background Template


Editable Flower Border Template


The Message Behind Every Flower

There are research studies compiled by florists and designers outlining the meanings behind every flower. Here are some of examples of famous flowers and their corresponding principles behind:

  • Carnation. It symbolizes beauty and pride. It can also connote the message of love and kindness. Even the colors of a carnation have distinct meanings. For instance, a yellow carnation can mean disappointment or refusal.
  • Daisy. The daisy is practically a symbol of loyal and purity. There is a touch of elegance that a daisy brings to the design.
  • Heather lavender. This flower symbolizes solitude and admiration. If you give this kind of flower to someone you treasure, this can also mean that you hope that all their heart’s wishers will come true.
  • Lilac. This flower symbolizes one’s humility and charity. It portrays a pure and thoughtful heart. These are mostly designed and used for charitable institutions.
  • Daffodil. It represents a new beginning and at the same time courage. It reminds everybody that chivalry is not yet dead and that every day is a new day to start again.

These are just some of renowned flowers, but don’t be boxed by the mentioned meanings because they may also mean something more to you.

These are just some of the ideas behind a flower. They are not really exclusively observed, but there’s no harm following them. Feel free to check out our border templates (Flower Templates) to improvise your designs.

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