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A newsletter is a document or publication that is usually given out in a specific period of time. The distribution of newsletters are following a regular schedule as the information that it contains scopes a specific period of time. Newsletters talk about one topic of interest in which it is known for.

The main purpose of a newsletter is to spread awareness to certain issues and event happenings. Since it is being read by many, the layout and overall design of the newsletter must be planned and well though out. Other than our newsletter layout templates, you may also download our Newspaper Layout Templates.

School Newsletter Layout Template

school newsletter layout template Download

Email Newsletter Layout Design

email newsletter layout design Download

Printable Newsletter Layout Template

printable newsletter layout template Download

HTML Newsletter Layout Template

html newsletter layout template Download

InDesign Newsletter Layout Design

indesign newsletter layout design Download

School Newsletter

A school newsletter layout must provide spaces for the following information:

  • The updates about the school activities and programs
  • The upcoming events and the students who are invited to come to specific events
  • There may also be features and other written articles that are done by student editors of the school
  • Announcements of different school functions and other important dates and information to remember
  • The items that the parents of the students must be aware of shall also be included in the school newsletter

E-mail Newsletter

Though an email newsletter is electronically sent, it must still follow the guidelines that are being used in the creation of a newsletter. An e-mail newsletter must provide the following information:

  • The reason on why the e-mail newsletter was sent
  • The complete information of the newsletter inclusions
  • The name and description of the entity that sent the newsletter
  • Other contact information of the entity where the newsletter is from should the receiver be interested to inquire and know more about the details written in an e-mail newsletter

E-mail newsletters are usually sent by companies who want to provide information about their latest products and service offerings, deals, and promotions. An e-mail blast is sent to all their client bases so that it will be easier for the information to be known by a lot of people. Other than our newsletter layout templates, you may also be interested to download and use our Free CSS Layouts.

Corporate Newsletter Layout Template

corporate newsletter layout template Download

Business Newsletter Layout Template

business newsletter layout template Download

Finance Newsletter Layout Design

finance newsletter layout design


Church Newsletter Layout Design

church newsletter layout design Download

Modern Newsletter Layout Design

modern newsletter layout design


Corporate Newsletter

Corporate newsletters are used for the following purposes:

  • It is being given to the members of the corporation or business so that they can be aware with the current standings of the company in the field where they belong.
  • It can also be a document that states specific information about the company operations and other data that are essential to the business processes of the company.
  • A corporate newsletter also serves as the document that provides updates with regards to the client bases of the company, the programs that are being implemented in the workplace, and the achievements of the company in a specific period of time.

Church Newsletter

A church newsletter is used by religious groups to provide information of the following:

  • Updates on their church and missionary works and services.
  • The amount of money and donation that the church have gathered for a specific period of time and the function that it is to serve.
  • Information on the church programs and events that are to happen in the next few weeks or months.
  • Church projects where the church members may have involvement with.

Newsletters are truly important in providing necessary information that are needed to be known by the people to whom the newsletters were made for. Other than our newspaper layout templates, you may also download our HTML5 Layout Templates.

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