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A report is needed in a lot of circumstances and processes. It may be a school report needed to be submitted by a student in exchange of a grade percentage, or it can also be a corporate report needed by a company to analyze their business condition and anything that has to do with the company’s operations.

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If you want to create a comprehensive report, start with the report structure or the report outline as it will serve as the foundation of the entire document. You may download the report layout templates in this page so they can serve as guides in making a report that you are tasked to do in the most efficient and effective way possible. Aside from that, we can also give you downloadable samples of Free CSS Layouts.

Annual Report Layout Template

annual report layout templateDownload

Business Report Layout Template

business report layout templateDownload

Book Report Layout Template

book report layout template1Download

Project Report Layout Template

project report layout templateDownload

Annual Report Layout

An annual report is used primarily by businesses to know the updates of the condition of the company and the processes that are already being done to retain the items that can give the most benefits and remove those that hinder the company from growing in different aspects of the business.

An annual report layout must include the following information:

  • The monthly breakdown of the activities and programs of the company
  • The different items that has affected the business’ performance within an operational year
  • The reports of people handling different areas of the business
  • The achievements of the business in a year’s time and the trend of growth every month

Business Report Layout

A business report discussed a particular business’ condition in the field where it belongs. The layout to be used for a business report must be conducive for the following:

  • Specific items of discussion
  • Charts showcasing the growth of the business, or the lack thereof
  • Graphs discussing the results of the business’s marketing efforts, advertising programs, and application of improvement metrics

Aside from our report layout templates, you may want to download our samples of HTML5 Layout Templates as well.

Cities Report Layout Template

cities report layout templateDownload

Professional Report Layout Template

professional report layout templateDownload

Book Report Layout

A book report is a project needed to be passed by a student most commonly for a grade percentage equivalent at a language class. In creating a book report template, here are a few items that you must remember:

  • Assure that the layout design is related to the topic of the story or any writing being reviewed in a particular book report.
  • Know the items that will be listed in the book report so the spaces of the layout design will be properly allocated.
  • Make sure that the flow of the book report will still be applied in the document and that the layout is resilient to the different types of book reports to be applied in it.

Cities Report Layout

One of the most interesting reports is the cities report where there are different researches that are done to enlist all the cities depending on their characteristics that can make them qualify for a particular record like the cleanest cities in the world, the cities with the best coastlines, the cities with the fastest population growth, and many others. A cities report layout must have the following features:

  • A page allocation for the discussion of the particular report
  • A space for the listing of qualified cities
  • A placement location for photos of different cities that may be featured in the report
  • A space for the description of each cities that are included in the report

Our Newspaper Layout Templates may also be viewed and downloaded if you want to learn more about another kind of layout other than those that are already found in our report layout templates.

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