35+ Stunning Event Ticket Templates – PSD, Ai, Word

Organizing an event is one of the most tedious tasks to do in the hospitality and service industry. If you want to host or organize an event, especially when payments and/or reservations are necessary, you need to make sure that your event ticket is informative and well-curated. An event ticket template is one of the tools that can help you ensure that your event will be organized.

If you are unfamiliar with the creation of an event ticket template, the job will be easier for you if you refer to a template when making the specified tool. It is essential for you to select a template that is relevant to your needs. More so, it should be able to reflect the theme of the event or any gathering for which it will be used.

Event Ticket Template

event ticket template2
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 2×5.5 inches with Bleed


Music Theme Event Ticket Template

music theme event ticket template
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 5.5×2 inches with Bleed


Music Concert Event Ticket Template

music concert event ticket template
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 5.5×2 inches with Bleed


Music Event Ticket Template

music event ticket template
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 2×5.5 inches with Bleed


Sports Event Ticket Template

free sports event ticket template
File Format
  • Ai
  • Word
  • Apple Pages
  • PSD
  • Publisher

Size: 2×5.5 inches with Bleed

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Event Ticket Template


To create an attractive and best selling printable event ticket, it is suggested for you to use striking colors. There are different sizes that can be applied in the creation of an event ticket. However, it is a fact that these items are relatively small compared to other event documents and tools. You can compensate for what it lacks in size by using colors that will truly pop out and are easily noticed.

Print Ready Event Ticket


You can also use a more modern approach in making an event ticket. Use templates where images and icons are used together to provide a combination that truly works. Make sure to take note of the color palette that you will use so that the output will still look cohesive and amazing even with a lot of designs present in the material. Event ticket mockups can be a great help for you to draw inspiration from in terms of this design phase in making an event ticket.

Multipurpose Vintage Ticket Template


If the modern route is not your way to go, you can opt to use a vintage event ticket. This will work well for events that are vintage themed or those whose location set-up is laid back and simple. Make yourself more confident on how to make a ticket for an event by looking for guidelines that you may follow and take notes from.

Conference or Event Ticket Template


If you will use an event ticket for a formal gathering like a conference, make sure that the business-like structure of the program will be reflected in the event ticket. Since most event tickets are given out before the actual conference, you need to make sure that guests will have an idea of the mood that your conference can provide just by looking at how you have designed your event ticket. Pattern your event ticket from your event flyers and other materials for cohesion.

Multipurpose Retro Ticket


On the other hand, you can let loose in terms of designing the tool if you will use it in an event that is more casual. Just like when designing event invitation templates, you can incorporate retro designs and materials to make your event ticket lively and enjoyable to view.

Concert Pass | Party Tickets


When and Where Are Event Tickets Usually Used?

As you have noticed above, there are different ways that event tickets can be used. Their designs and overall aesthetic vary depending on the purpose of their creation. Some of the most common ways that event tickets are used include the following:

  • There are corporate events that use event tickets to assure that the expected attendees who are commonly from the business field and professional industries will have an easy time to access the location. Using formal event tickets can also make an event more polished. Some corporate events that use event tickets or printable event invitations include research forums, trade events, product launches, expositions, and conferences.
  • Concerts also use event tickets to make sure that all the guests who have paid before hand will be assisted accordingly. In concerts, there are various event tickets with different prices that are given out depending on the seating or the package that the concert attendees would like to acquire. There are event tickets for concerts held in domes, open areas, and even on destinations like beaches and islands.
  • Sports events like pay per view matches, competitions, and the Olympics also require the usage of event tickets. This allows the organizers to be aware of the number of people that are expected to watch the sports event. This also makes it easier for security personnel to be disseminated in various posts depending on a number of people that will go to the location of the event.
  • Event tickets can also be used in carnivals and other leisure-centered activities. Having event tickets in these events can identify whether an individual has truly paid for the show or the experience. This will then be used for the cross-checking of the money received by the management as payment for the event.

Event Ticket


Your event ticket, like event invitation templates, should be well-curated. This can be done by using specific information and putting them in a simple layout that uses at least 2 to 3 main colors just like the combination of mainly blue and yellow in this sample template. You can also try to use different hues of a single color to achieve a more interesting visual impact.

Polygon Event Ticket


The use of fonts is also very important. Since an event ticket is small, the font that you will select should maximize the space where you will place it without making the tool look over crowded. With this, it will be best if you will use simple fonts or those that are in block typeface. This is essential if your event ticket will also serve as your entrance ticket. You need to make sure that the people in charge of welcoming and assisting guests can see the information placed in the tickets.

Event Ticket Design


If you want your event ticket to be sleek, you can try using a single image or a color as a background. Unlike vintage ticket designs that require different materials, the fewer design elements that you put in your simple event ticket the more space there will be. With the space left over, you can provide more details about the event. This will work best if your event needs to provide a lot of initial information to your guests rather than presenting the aesthetic of the material.

Retro Concert Tickets


However, if you are more into the presentation of the event ticket design, you can use a retro event ticket. The use of retro colors, lines, shapes, and icons can help your event to be themed and directly aligned to the nature of the event where you will use the ticket.

Event Ticket / VIP Pass


Important Information to be Placed in an Event Ticket

May it be a dinner ticket or any other kinds of event ticket templates, you need to make sure that you will give importance to all the parts of the event ticket that you will send out. Aside from a well-thought of design, your event ticket should also contain all the important information that should be known by your guests or the attendees of the event. Some of these pieces of information include the following:

  • The name of the event should always have the biggest font. This will help in the branding of the event and for people to be more aware of where the particular event ticket will be used.
  • Aside from the name of the event, you need to make sure that the date and time of the event will also be given focus when designing your event ticket. Be precise with the date and time that attendees are expected to be in the venue. Should there be prior changes, announce it in the social media accounts and online pages of the event.
  • Be specific with the location of the event as well. As an example, use the conference area or ballroom of the hotel as the name that you will place in the tool together with the complete name and address of the hotel. Do not use the name of the hotel alone to avoid confusion. However, this can be done if you already have ushers for the event within the hotel entrance.
  • The event organizers can also be specified in the event ticket. This works best if the event organizers are well known and using their name for advertising can get more attendees which can affect the ticket sales positively.
  • The sponsors of the event are also important elements you need to place in the event ticket, especially if it is a part of the agreement for their sponsorship. Remember that sponsors provide help for events so that they can have exposure to your guests as well. Use your ticket event to make the attendees aware that specific brands have helped you to make the event possible.
  • The nature of the event can be present in the event ticket. Just make sure to use short phrases for your description and discussion so to not take a lot of the spaces available in an event ticket.
  • It may also be necessary to include a bar code or a tracking number on the event ticket to assure that tickets will not be duplicated. It is very important to have this numbers either for purpose of raffle or security.
  • Other information that will help you market the event a whole lot more can also be used as details of the event ticket. You can add taglines, catchy phrases, or even icons and images that are related to the event. This will allow people who still haven’t acquired the ticket to be interested to get one because of its aesthetic.
  • More so, make sure to provide the contact information that attendees may reach. You can add the mobile and business number of the organizer or you can also add an e-mail address where guests can send their questions and other queries.
  • If there’s any, specify the online sites and social media pages of the event. With this, you can assure that attendees are aware of updates that may occur before the event.

Elegant Event Ticket


You can use an elegant event ticket, especially if you are going to invite elites to your event. This can also be used for events where charitable acts are welcome to be given by donors for a particular cause. Moreover, elegant event tickets go well with debuts and other once in a lifetime occasions.

Vector Editable Baseball Tickets


Aside from formal events, sports events should also have themed event tickets. You can use the equipment used for a sports event as a design material of the ticket that you will create.

Multipurpose Simple Event Tickets


Though themed tickets are truly stunning, you can also make a simple event ticket appealing by using or combining proper images, texts, and colors. With the help of these items, you can create simple designs stand out—exactly what themed tickets are supposed to do.

Chalkboard Event Ticket


Tips in Creating an Event Ticket

If you have no idea on how to create a stunning event ticket, here are some tips that can help you in making one:

  • Make sure that you are aware of the event where the ticket will be used. It is important for you to know all the details of the event and the promotional activities that go with it just so you can identify the things that you will put in the event ticket. This will also help in assuring that the theme of the event will be incorporated into the design of the event ticket. As an example, concert ticket templates will be used more effectively if you are aware of the concert program and the artists who will be performing at the event.
  • Stick to a theme and develop a color palette to use. It is best to use just one subject to revolve around in terms of designing your event ticket. You can focus on the purpose of the event for this one as it can provide the most impact in terms of what the attendees can expect from the event itself. Once this has already been done, you can already select the colors that you will combine to make the design of your event ticket come to life.
  • Look at samples and templates of event tickets. Make sure that the tickets and templates that you will look at are used in the same event that you plan to organize. This will allow you to know the kind of tickets that are perceived well by the audience. More so, this will also help you to develop your event ticket design and format even more.

Multipurpose Metro Style Ticket


You can design a metro style event ticket by using color blocks of strong and bright colors. Common colors used in making this design includes green, orange and yellow. Make the colors pop out even more by using a single font color in a darker shade.

Concert Ticket Template


If you will make a concert event ticket, ensure that you can transfer the energy of the concert to your design. Your concert event ticket should be able to excite your expected crowd.

New Year Event Ticket 2017


Just like a concert event ticket, a new year’s celebration event ticket should also be packed with action. Use fireworks that are lit in the sky and vibrant colors to make your event ticket attractive and appropriate for the occasion where you will use it.

Wedding Invitation Ticket


Take a look at this sample where an event ticket has been a design inspiration for a wedding invitation.

Print Ready Event Ticket – After Party


How to Select an Appropriate Event Ticket Template

If you are in the process of selecting an event ticket template that you can refer to when formatting the event ticket that you will use, here are some ways you can decide whether or not it will be appropriate for the event for which it is to serve its purpose:

  • Make sure that the design of the event ticket template is editable. This will help you to add unique touches that can make the event ticket design and the ticket layout template specifically for the event that you will organize.
  • Use color palettes that are related to the colors of the event. Your event ticket should be an extension of the event itself which is why you need to make sure that the color combinations that you will use stick closely to the theme that you have initially developed.
  • The software used in curating the event ticket template should be one that is familiar to you. It will be easier for you to edit a template if you know the features of the software where you will develop the event ticket template.
  • Make sure to take note of the size of the event ticket template. Your event ticket may be given on its own or it can also be placed in event kits. With this, you need to ensure that the size of the event ticket will complement the other materials that will be given to your expected attendees.

Event Ticket


It is in your jurisdiction whether you will use a single design for all the event tickets that you will release. However, you can choose different design sets or just change the color of some of the areas of the tickets if you have different sitting assignments for different ticket purchases. This will help you identify the people who have bought a specific ticket within a category.

Wooden Multipurpose Ticket


Retro Event Ticket Template


Harvest Festival Concert Tickets


In creating event tickets, you can always play with opacity and other features that can make the overall aesthetic of the event ticket more outstanding. Just take a look at how the background of this harvest festival concert ticket incorporates the fading effect. This makes the information of the event ticket more visible.

Art Fest Event Ticket


Making an art event ticket should provide a perception of the artistic offerings of the event. Make use of different color splashes when making the event ticket. More so, you can feature some of the works present in the event so you can provide a piece of reality as a design material of the ticket that you are creating.

Christmas Event Tickets Print Ready


Holidays can also inspire businesses to release event tickets for their special offerings. Use holiday-inspired themes, design materials, and icons when making the layout of your event ticket. For one, look at how the color red and the snow flakes are put together artistically to showcase the yuletide seasons in this event ticket.

Watercolor Event Ticket


If you have no theme to follow or if your event will be held for a variety of purpose, you can make an abstract design work for your event ticket. Using a watercolor event ticket is a great idea, don’t you think?

Vintage Event Ticket


Clean Concert Event Ticket


Event Ticket Template


Military Event Ticket


Have You Fully Decided to Create and Design an Event Ticket?

If you have finalized your decision in using a template to create and design an event ticket, make sure to go back to the discussion items that we have presented in this post. Additional knowledge on how you can design an effective and appealing event ticket will let you be more efficient in terms of dealing with the entire design process that you will undergo. Just like the processes applied in making a music event flyer, you need to make sure that the steps that you will incorporate in making an event ticket is determined to achieve the best output that you can possibly have.

More so, the usage of templates in creating an event ticket does not only rely on the template that you have selected but also on your creativity. Make the most out of the usage of your reference to achieve maximum design results.

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