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9+ Flower Illustrations

Flowers have this natural beauty which is so beautiful to be illustrated. The different petals and the overall forms that various flowers have can truly make a creative mind work. There are also a lot of kinds of flowers which make it more interesting for illustrators as they can create different artistic interpretations of flowers, depending on the specie where it belongs.

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We can provide you with different samples of flower illustrations if you want to use flowers as the subject of the illustration that you want to work on. Other than that, we can also give you templates of Graphic Design Illustrations, which you may use as references if you are into the creation of illustrations with different graphic designs.

Vintage Flower Illustration


Black and White Flower Illustration


Botanical Flower Illustration


Poppy Flower Illustration


Hibiscus Flower Illustration


Artistic Interpretation of Flower Illustrations

Flower illustrations vary depending on the artists. There are different interpretations and illustration techniques that can be applied in creating an image of a flower. These results to different varieties of flower illustrations which fit different aesthetic viewpoints. A few of the artistic interpretations of flower illustrations are as follows:

  • Vintage flower illustrations
  • Black and white flower illustrations
  • Vector flower illustrations
  • Retro flower illustrations
  • Grunge flower illustrations
  • Abstract flower illustrations
  • Watercolor flower illustrations

There are still a lot of interpretations that can be applied in flower illustrations. It is all based on the artistic capability of the artist and how he or she wants the audience perceive his or her creation.

Flower Illustrations According To Flower Species

A flower illustration may also be inspired by the actual physical beauty of a particular specie of flower. Artists who create flower illustrations are usually drawn by the features of different flowers which they have mastered to draw because of their keen observation of the flower where they have taken inspiration from. A few of the popular flower illustrations are as follows:

  • Poppy flower illustrations
  • Rose flower illustrations
  • Sunflower flower illustrations
  • Tulips flower illustrations
  • Hibiscus flower illustrations
  • Sakura flower illustrations

Particular flowers may be illustrated because of its meaning to the life of the illustrator or the symbol that it showcases which is an important virtue of the person who made the illustration. Aside from our flower illustrations, you may also download our templates and samples of Landscape Design Illustrations.

Watercolor Flower Illustration


Flower Wreath Illustration


Sakura Flower Illustration


Tropical Flower Illustration


Flower Illustration Ideas

A flower illustration may also be done by combining different kinds of flowers or adding different materials and items to the illustration. A few ideas that you can recreate in your flower illustration are as follows:

  • You can create a flower wreath where there are different types of flowers that are formed in a circle. You can play with the species that you want to put together and the color palettes that you want to combine.
  • You can also draw a bouquet of flowers and let the additional materials that you are to put allow the flowers to stand out.
  • You can also create illustrations of flowers in its natural environment which can give the entire illustration a more complete natural feel.

Weather Conditions

There are countries where a specific flower is illustrated more compared to other flower species. These can be because of its popularity in the particular location or the awareness of the people about the existence of the flower species. Moreover, it can also be because of the weather conditions that affect the growth of flowers in particular countries. These can categorize flower illustrations as follows:

  • Tropical flower illustrations
  • Spring flower illustrations
  • Illustrations of flowers that only grow in cold temperatures

Other than our flower illustrations, you may also be interested to browse through our downloadable templates and samples of Pixel Art Illustrations.

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