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9+ Vertical Advertising Banners

Advertising is a necessity for businesses everywhere. They help attract more and more customers, thus increasing the income of companies. Banners are a great way and easy of advertising and promoting a product. They’re also quite easy to use. If you’re in any need of advertising for your business, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Take a look at these 9+ vertical advertising banners on this list that will help you garner more customers your way. Speaking of which, if you’d like to know more about banners, then take a look at these Printable Banner Templates for a deeper customization of banner templates.

Vertical Advertising Business Banner


Vertical Birthday Advertising Banner


Christmas Vertical Advertising Banner


Vertical Advertising Roll Up Banner


Vertical Outdoor Advertising Banner


A Tip on Making Your Banner More Productive

In order to gain the best possible quantity of customers for your business, you can’t just pull up a banner and then display it anywhere else. There are things you need to consider before you display your advertisement.

Here are things to consider on how to make your advertising banners more effective.

Location, Location, Location

It’s important to consider where you place your banners. This is because even if the appearance of the banner is aesthetically pleasing, it doesn’t matter if nobody can see it. You can place the banner in an area where there are lots of passersby who can see it. This will help the banner advertise to a lot of potential customers and clients.

Style of the Banner

Even if the location is good, it will hardly do your banner any justice not to have anyone looking at it. It’s difficult to turn heads with an ordinary and plain design. In order for your advertising banner to catch the attention of the people, then you might want to consider giving it a design that’s aesthetically pleasing. Here are more Free Banner Templates if you’re interested in a much deeper customization without cost.

Content Advertised

The most important thing to consider. Doesn’t matter how good the location, doesn’t matter how stylish the banner is, if how you sell your business to potential customers or clients is bad, then your income is going to reflect that. You need to have an awareness for words and tell the people what they want. Offer your promotions, give details on your products and services offered on a clear factor, and don’t forget to put any information regarding where to find you and how to contact your business.

Colorful Vertical Advertising Banner


Blank Vertical Advertising Banner


Modern Vertical Advertising Banner


Vertical Spring Advertising Banner


Vertical Exhibition Advertising Banner


What You Can Put on Your Advertising Banner

Advertising Banners are a versatile thing—they can be used to advertise anything your business is selling or looking out for. Here are a few elements you could put on your banners.

  • Services offered. Companies who offer special services, such as pest exterminators, can use the banners on this list to advertise their work and gain more clients.
  • Products for sale. Companies can make a product look very appealing to potential customers by telling what it can do for them and it is usually advertised at a low cost.
  • Job hiring. Advertisement banners aren’t just for selling to the crowd. Businesses can also inform the crowd that they are looking for a person with a particular set of skills. This is a great way of recruiting people who possess the skills and experience that your company needs and is looking for a job.
  • Promotions and discounts. People would really be more convinced to buy your products if they know that there’s a promotion going on. If you’re taking those percentages off, you can expect many customers going to take advantage of that.
  • Events and prizes. Informing people through the use of a banner of an event going around sometime soon can be a great way to get many people on board. If you’re having a contest, for example, and giving away prizes to the winners then a banner can be a great way to gain contestants and participants for a certain event.

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