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8+ Bird Shape Templates

One normally learns in school that birds are those animals that can fly; however, not all birds can fly. Even so, they are all warmblooded animals distinguished not just by their ability to fly but by the possession of feathers, wings, and a beak.

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Integrating birds into your design ideas can definitely create a fun an interesting output. So we have put up a collection of Bird Shape Templates on this page to help anyone aspiring to create a masterful work of art through birds.

Feel free to browse this page and don’t forget to check out other animal shape templates available on our website.

Flying Bird Shape Template


Bird Shaped Mask Template


Printable Bird Shape Template


Vector Bird Shape Template


Paper Bird Shape Template


What Do Birds Symbolize?

Birds are regarded for various reasons, whether as a part of God’s creation or as a source of food by humans and other animals. Anyhow, let’s see how birds are seen in different cultures and what they mean.

  • Freedom. Birds have the ability to fly wherever the wind takes them. They are not restricted by many boundaries and limitations, which make them easily the symbol of freedom.
  • Travel. This does not just mean physical travel but also traveling with the mind and spirit. Birds are lithe and light; therefore, they can go to different places wherever and whenever they want with ease.
  • Inspiration. Because of the bird’s connection with the vast and limitless skies, feathers can also serve as an inspiration and a reminder that we can achieve possibilities if we keep on flying.
  • Gratitude. Ancient tribes and even some people nowadays use fowls and birds in their rituals and other sacred ceremonies as offerings of gratitude for a bounty harvest or blessed life.
  • Power. Native Americans and other tribes use birds’ feathers to adorn their leader’s head or body in forms of clothing. The level of one’s power is determined by the number of feathers he is wearing.

The bird templates on this page are mostly free for personal use, while others may have restrictions for commercial use, so make sure to check them out before downloading and using them.

Angry Bird Shape Template


Ladybird Bird Shape Template


Spring Bird Shape Template


Vintage Bird Shape Template


Physical Characteristics of Birds

Although there are a hundred kinds of birds that roam the planet, birds are generally related through many of the characteristics they share, such as:

  • Feathers. Whether they can fly or not, all birds have feathers that cover and insulates their bodies. Composed of keratin and light-reflecting pigments, other uses of feathers are as an aid to their flight and as ornaments.
  • Wings. These are one of the most defining characteristics of birds which are used for flying, threat displays, courtship dances, and even swimming. The size and shape of wings vary and are useful in identifying bird types.
  • Bill. Birds have bills for their mouth which are bony and keratin-covered projections. There are different types of bills depending on a bird’s specific diet. They are also used as tools for carrying, drilling, preening and even as weapons.
  • Bipedal. All birds have two legs which they use for walking, perching, hopping and running. They are used for different purposes and their size and shape vary according to these purposes, such as moving through water and capturing prey.

For more design ideas related to birds, check out our printable bird templates.

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